Effy Says…

Welcome to Awaiting the Muse!

Those who find this blog may very well already know me from Effraeti’s RP, where I have blogged mostly about World of Warcraft for about a year now.

I am very excited to premiere a new blog of a broader spectrum and, more specifically, one focused on my short stories.  Over the next week or so, I will be working at moving my current stories here from Effy’s RP.  My other blog will stay where it is, for any who wish to reference it.

Over the past few months I have fought with myself about how to continue writing since leaving WoW.  My decision was to make a more prominent home for them, and I will work at adding to them without the confines I previously felt locked to with a World of Warcraft themed blog.

I still love Effy, my Draenei Resto Shaman.  I have many stories for her already.  But my goal is to broaden the scope of my stories, including some based on my new characters in Guild Wars 2.

The title of this blog pretty much says it all.  My stories and creativity are forever at the whim of the Muses.  Without their inspiration, this blogging space will fill very slowly, if at all.  I hope to please them enough to fill these pages with many more stories than have already graced Effy’s RP.

The inspiration for this blog title came most suddenly from my replying to a comment by Matty on my recent post describing my wish to create a blog such as this.

Along with short stories, also expect random gaming bits, some computer updates once I get my new system running, and personal thoughts from time to time.

But the stories behind my characters will be the main focus here.

I hope to use this blog to delve into the further reaches of my mind, so please, pull up a chair and enjoy.

~ Effy


9 thoughts on “Effy Says…

      • I know. I am amazed at how…fluid exploration and experience is. Plus, the world is SERIOUSLY vast. I haven’t seen a map, but I think Divinity’s Reach is far bigger than some of the ZONES in WoW (one can’t help but compare).

      • It is quite large, but it was huge in GW1. Did you ever play the first game? Original “Prophecies” Tyria was pretty big, and with each expansion they added a big chunk of map.

        ~ Effy

      • Nerp, never played the original. From a lore perspective I wish I had, but it just didn’t grab me. Heck, it took WoW forever to pull me in, lol.

      • Yah, once I get my new computer up and running, I am totally installing GW1 on it. I want to at least play through the beginning of Prophecies. The start of that (the original game) is pretty incredible to play through.

        ~ Effy

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