Two things to feel pretty excited about:

Number One: Yesterday I was feeling pretty blah, and spent the day at home moving over all of my stories from Effy’s RP to here.  So now, each and everyone of them have a proper home, in chronological order by main character.

It did, however, make me realize exactly how many unfinished stories I have.  I never finished Maeyv’s Old God story.  I never completed the Secret of the Scythe, with the Wolfsbane family.  I kind of left Lycaohn hanging out in the middle of a GIlneas infested with Forsaken.  Was there are more to Aerora’s story – the fall of a Draenei Paladin into darkness?

There are especially a lot of holes in Effy’s story: Where was Laz while he was gone?  When did he come back?  What happened to his Paladin mastery of wielding the Light-born powers granted to him?  Okie, so hmm, lots of Laz questions.

What a mysterious guy.

Number Two: My new computer is assembled and up and running!  It is ridiculously fast – even at mundane things my previous computer was getting cranky about, like alt-tabbing.  It also runs very cool – it blows cold air, which boggles my mind.

Though, as I was explaining to Laz yesterday while I was not feeling well, I fear that it will be a cold winter without the warmth of a hot computer filling my bedroom…

Effy: holy crap, it’s cold in here ><
and my coffee is really cold

Laz: Put on some comfy clothes and reheat the coffee

Effy: i am in comfy clothes
but i am cold heh
i blame this computer!
where are its forefathers, which kept me warm through many a winter?
cold air coming out a computer case… it is unnatural, i tell you

Laz: The forefathers praise you for your efforts to battle heat.  That all oppressive heat that has brought down many of the silicates through neglect, carelessness, and ignorance.  Within that chilled microcosm lies a world flourishing and praises you like a goddess for your care and diligence of their existence.  When you bring spark into that world and awaken them into a new dawning of digital bliss, they cater to your every wonton whim with emotionless efficiency that shows with every interpreted digital request.

Effy: well said 🙂

I tell you, Laz should have a blog.  I would read it, and I do not just say that because I am biased.  😉

I still want to devote a post to my new computer at some point, because it totally deserves a a highlight.  I think it will work very well for me for a while.

~ Effy

P.S. = I still need to do my “About” Page here.  Still pondering that one…


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