My wee Necro, Noira, and my one of my favorite story Asurans – Zojja.

Apparently the word “Excelsior!” is a favorite exclamation of the Asura.  I find this quite amusing.

Yup, back to fiddling with story stuff in Guild Wars 2.  I figured I would.  I am mostly sticking to my Human Guardian, Rosaelyn, as she seems most capable on her own so far.  But I could not help starting an Asuran and seeing what their story looks like.  The story, and OMG Rata Sum, are both very cool.

Yah, I did try Torchlight 2 at one point – for about 20 minutes Friday night.  I was all squee about having a pet, of which I picked a wee papillon.  But it was a lot of pew-pew and not a lot to hold my attention early in the evening on a Friday.

I also finished Edge of Destiny.  Which made me cry.  (I thought that was hugely ironic – considering the week I have had.)  I am now finally working on finishing the last Eragon book – Inheritance.  I know!  Where have I been??  In my defense, I bought it in hardcover right about the time I started reading on my phone through my Kindle app.  So it was hard to justify toting around a big azz hardcover book, when I can READ on my PHONE!

Best. Invention. Ever.

~ Effy, the Random Poster

Rata Sum, the Asuran City. (It’s a giant CUBE!)


3 thoughts on “Excelsior!

  1. The Asura did absolutely nothing for me…until I decided to roll one (everything gets a shake). The creation questions alone are hilarious, to say nothing of the rest of the race’s features and fun.

    • Yah, for a while, I was like, “Meh, Asura are pretty cute and small. Play one? Probably not.” Then, I read the first two books, and I had to see their area – which I had not been to on any of my characters yet. I thought of going with my Guardian, but then I realized to really experience the Asuran experience, you have to BE an Asura. So my Necro was reborn.

      What can I say – the area is great, the story is cool, and I am a freaking GENIUS! 😉

      ~ Effy

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