IRL Screenshots

Look! The Golf! —->

So I keep hearing that we are going to have a short fall – the leaves will turn fast and fall fast – and this is a sad thought for me, being that fall is my favorite season.  In that regard, yesterday while I was out and about with my friend, seeing Looper and getting some lunch at a sushi place (nomnomnom), I told him I wanted to take a drive and I had to take some tree pictures.

He humored me, and so I took some while he drove.  Yes, there was much poking of fun at me.

I am such a tourist…

But c’mon now!  It is fall in Michigan!  What is more awesome??

Enjoy some IRL screenshots.  🙂

I would have preferred some pics that were not from the inside of a Ford Expedition, but alas, it spent all day yesterday raining off and on, and though that gives some great fall-appropriate background to the pics, it also made for bad walking weather.  Oh well.  If it clears up before the leaves all fall, I would like to get over to Kensington Metro Park and take a long walk there.

We shall see.

~ Effy

I said “Michigan in the fall,” so yah, a construction pic was a must. Look, they even kinda have a the fall colors going with the orange!


4 thoughts on “IRL Screenshots

  1. We really do live near each other. Our pictures were taken along Hines Drive this week.

    My favorite time of the year here.

  2. I thank you for the pictures. Fall is my favorite season also, but alas Phoenix is severely lacking in foliage. I’m originally from Toledo OH, but lived in the north Detroit burbs for 7 years. Miss the drives north of Romeo.

    • You are most welcome! I just had to share before all the color is gone and the snow starts flying. 🙂

      There are so many great places in Michigan to go driving with all the trees and lakes. It is actually fairly appropriate that I took them from the car, because that is usually how I enjoy such scenery since it is faster and more far-reaching than walking.

      Alternately – though I personally do not do well without defined seasons signaling me – I have heard that Arizona has wonderful weather, being that it is not humid.

      ~ Effy

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