“Busted” or “Homecoming”

So last night, I made a post about Effy while looking at the WoW website.  During that same period of time, I may have started a certain 20GB download…  It was harmless, I just wanted to see what Effy was up to.  Was she really going Rogue on me?  Besides, I have another week and a half before I can turn off my WoW account – due to that whole get a free flying pony when you attach this WoW-logo ankle bracelet to your leg for a year.

Due to a conglomeration of many different things, some of which I have divulged here and on Effy’s RP, I have been hesitant to install WoW on my new computer.  Last night was on a total whim, and I thought for sure I would log on, hum to myself while running/flying in circles on my mount, grow bored, log off, and call it a night.


Well, let me just say that a certain (large) number of Real-ID and Undying Resolution individuals made that completely impossible.

You know who you are!  <points>

I was not even fully loaded into Zangarmarsh (which was where I last interacted with Effy while being Navispammed) when whispers both from the game (pink) and from Real-ID (blue) started trailing down my chat box.  I had to adjust the chat box dimensions and position just to keep up.  😛


It took me several minutes just to make sure I was acknowledging everyone adequately.  Then, it was an hour later before I even had the wherewithal to think about getting myself out of Zangarmarsh and back to Dalaran.  (Where I saw my first Pandaren.)

I even became an Unofficially Official Newbie Old Timer member of Undying Resolution again.  hahaha  Can I have that for my rank title?  If things continue, I may have to up that to Officially Official once more.

We will see.  I still have not renewed, nor bought the new expansion.  So no promises yet.

Either way, please consider this a formally informal thank you to everyone who greeted me last night and made me feel like I was coming home from a long trip away.  ❤

~ Effy


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