Ding 90!

I did it!  Last night, Effy reached level 90!

So, how about them dailies?

Last night, my mind was so churning with thoughts of prep at Level 90, at the 11th hour, I found myself seeking distraction…

*insert splashing bobber noise here*

It was so peaceful and relaxing.  And it was not entirely without purpose.  I have cooking to level, for food I will need to raid, you know.

But I still finished!

So have I mentioned this expansion so far seems to include everything I already enjoyed doing to prepare for raids?  Fishing and cooking my buff food, running dungeons, and researching.

Pre-Panda (still in Zangarmarsh)

Towards the end of Cataclysm, and being part of the organized machine that is UR, I started to miss my prepping.  Feasts and cauldrons and guild-supplied gems and enchants meant I had very little farming that I had to do.  The scarce farming I did do usually went straight into the guild bank, just so I felt somewhat justified in eating guild food and imbibing guild flasks and prettying my gear with guild enhancements.

As for dailies, though, I cannot really say they are on my fun list, but as necessity progressing towards a clear goal in mind, I am okie with dailies.

My outfit got so bad, I had to transmog… It lasted a whole 20 minutes…

One thing I have come to realize, which is also a comfort to my mind, is that in WoW I have goals and I have a plan of attack (even if it is not fully hashed out yet).  The other MMO’s I have played recently have been less so.

I need a goal to make myself productive.  It is why I suck at making money.  “Accrue lots and lots of gold” is not a substantial enough goal for me.  “Farm herbs for X flasks” or “Fish Emperor Salmon for X food” or “Acquire the mats for X” – those are goals I can work with.

Badazz Kite-riding Effy

WoW’s endgame is just more suited to that mentality, I think.  I have stat goals and iLevel goals.  I know where and how to get exactly what I need.

Right now, I realize that means dailies and more dailies.

Badazz Bug-riding Effy

I just have to get to the point where I can DO those dailies…  I was expecting a wall of blue “!” when I hit 90.  Alas, it appears I still have more to do.  BUT I did do some heroics last night, after buying a few pieces of JP gear and attaining over a 440 iLevel.

I have a solid time goal in my mind too.  I will not cloud myself with assuming I can be LFR-ready tomorrow, when the guild will be running it, but NEXT Wednesday is my goal.

460, here I come!

A couple of parting notes:

1. Though everyone seems to be getting hung up on pet battles and such, I have had no issues there.  My only pet related news: I was pretty excited about finally being able to name my favorite pet.

2. I did get some achievements!

3. I discovered that certain pets/mounts/achievements are not just account-based, they are Battlenet account-based.  So that means I do not have to fiddle with my second account, I can leave my toons where they currently are.  That also means I am likely to buy MoP for account #2 in the next few weeks.  (Above pic completely unrelated.  I just like Bleeding Hearts.)

4. I also made a wee Pandaren Monk – Chíyu.

5. A special thank you to my GM, Ranico, for his company and assistance over the weekend.  We saw much of the countryside together.  Doesn’t Effy make a great mammoth ornament?

6. I have been listening to a lot of R&B lately, and I love the piano in the background of this one – Drake and Rihanna doing Take Care.

~ Effy

Squee! Bonsai!

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