I Healed a Heroic – And I Liked It

It has been two weeks that I have been back to WoW, and Effy has never envoked such a mixture of emotions for me as now.  This time around has proven a lot of firsts for me.

  1. 85-90 was my first leveling experience with Effy where she was not paired with Laz.
  2. It was also my first leveling experience where I did not heal a single dungeon while leveling.  (Dungeons were always a breeze with Laz tanking and me healing.)
  3. The one dungeon I ran while leveling was the first dungeon Effy ever topped the DPS.  (Soo sad…)
  4. I am actually feeling like I am doing “okie” DPS in heroics and LFR.
  5. I can count the number of times I have queued as a healer since coming back on one hand.  (Two Headless Horseman, one 1st half LFR, and one heroic.)

It is just so weird to try and consider myself a DPS.  I still feel like a healer in my off-spec when I am in Ele.  In fact, I could not bring myself to touch how her specs were set up – she is still Primary Resto and Secondary Elemental.  Which may seem silly to even mention, but it is a mental thing for me.

I have spent the last week or so at Level 90 trying to prepare myself for DPS’ing, but my eyes wander to Resto articles.  I try to work on my gear, but every piece I find myself pondering for far too long how it will affect both my Ele AND my Resto spec.  (I am being very particular about all my hit being from Spirit, just so it still works as Resto gear.)  I discuss the Shaman class with friends, and the conversation always ends up about healing.

So last night, after finishing the dailies most important, a guildie asked about heroics, and I offered to come along.  Then, it was the question: “Are you going to heal or DPS?”  ><  I keep finding myself responding to that with, “I would rather heal… but I should probably DPS.”

It feels like an obligation.  Lord knows I need all the practice I can get before I embarrass myself in the 25man tonight.

I suppose it is good that we have a number of healers in the guild, and I usually do not have to ponder this for long.

Last night, a guildie Holy Priest came to heal, and I stayed Ele.

We ran several, with my fellow blogger-guildie Amowrath tanking for us.  When our Priest logged off, we decided to do a few more.  For the first I stayed DPS, and we got a Resto Druid who died to the second to last boss, sat down to regen, logged off, and did not come back.  I hope he did not think us to blame for him standing in stuff and dying?  :/

Amo was like, “No worries.  We can pull trash while we wait.”  Yah, even trash was too much for my mana under the strain of repeated Healing Surges to last long.  So I switched to Resto, we did the last boss, and we left.

Simple.  Done.

We all agreed on one more, as it was starting to get late, and I “warned” Amo I was staying Resto.

I think Amo was way too easy on me.  I used Healing Stream regularly, but not one time did I drop below 50% mana, nor did I use any CDs.  No Spirit Link, no Healing Tide, no Mana Tide, no Ascension.  I did not even need my herbalism CD or Spiritwalker’s Grace.  <blink>

It was quite different than the flail-flail-OOM that was LFR on Sunday.  Healing Rain seems less powerful than it was before, and certainly more costly.  Either that or it is just that LFR peeps do not seem to like to stack for any reason.  <—-  So apparently that was not the best intro back into healing on my Shaman.  (Headless Horseman does not really count, it is a whole 2 minutes.  I healed, I was OOM, it was over.)

So today I have spent the whole day lamenting having to DPS tonight.  DPS is not me.  When it comes to DPS, I am the WoW raiding equivalent of a minute-man – I start strong, but it ends quickly.  I start to miss punching CDs.  I forget to renew my totems.  (Stupid stupid new totems, every one is 1 minute or less, most much less.  What happened to my high endurance, reliable totems??  The totems that came in fours – one of each pretty elemental color??)

I am not sure if I can really focus on the repeated smashing of the same rotation of buttons for a ten minute fight… over and over and over again.  :/

Usually raid night greets me with an exciting type of nervousness.  Will I be “on my game” tonight?  Will I discover some mind-blowing trick or combination that works “just right” for me?

But I am just a nervous wreck right now…

I am soo going to embarrass the hell out of myself…

And I have so much to do before raid…

Why am I still sitting here typing this post…?


~ Effy


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