Serenity Set

And because I need something more cheery on my blog page, AND because I realize I have yet to post a transmog of any sort since I returned to WoW – here is Effy’s new outfit!

I was looking for something simpler than the fiery outfit she has been running around in since I came back, and while leveling I received this wonderful kilt from a quest – Dreaming Spirit Kilt.  I love kilts.  So this piece was the basis for building the set.  I was looking for a mesh of new (kilt) and old elements (shoulders), and above all, a feeling of simplicity.

The dagger has always been one of my favorites, and I remember farming the first boss of Pit of Saron in Cata to replace the one I sold off back in Wrath.  I also am fond of the shield, even though it has clipping issues (likely because female Draenei shoulders sit far back) with the epaulets and looks like it wants to cut off my tail.  So I prefer it off my back.  heh

The chest and hands are pieces I bought off a merchant in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, on the wall.

Lastly, the belt I am currently keeping an eye out for (random world drop), and I am using an alternate in the meantime.

Enjoy, and please feel free to leave comments.  Am I transmog-rusty?  😉

~ Effy

Serenity Set

Effy just looks so sexy casting Resto spells…

Front – Female Draenei Shaman

Back – Female Draenei Shaman

Surgeon’s Needle


Shield of the Protectorate

Current Belt – Earthfury Belt


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