State of the Raider

Last week was my first week back to raiding, and it was both exciting and nerve-wracking.  It was exciting to be raiding again, but it was nerve-wracking to be raiding as a DPS.

I quickly learned I am really not cut out for the pew-pew-rawr that is the fight for top of the DPS meters on a raid boss.  Towards the end of my rotation or during heavy raid damage periods, my eyes would wander to my raid frames, and I would catch myself hitting the one button that seemed helpfulbut not distracting enough to be “okie” while DPS’ing – Healing Stream Totem.  That is okie, right??

I am such a bad DPS.  ><

Luckily, my GMs (yes, plural, both Ranico and Mindalen handle this bulky responsibility now) were very understanding of my plight.  So this week, I am back to healing.  Too bad this week is only one day, but perhaps that is good with many of our raiders living on the east coast where Hurricane Sandy is currently ravaging things.  😦

I did DPS on both Wednesday and Thursday, and in fact, UR downed TWO new bosses – Gara’jal and the Spirit Kings!  I was pretty excited to be part of that, but I could not help be feel a twinge of regret that it was badly DPS’ing rather than successfully healing.

That means the past several days been full of lots and lots of heroics for me as I get accustomed to the changes to Resto Shaman between Dragon Soul and Mogu’Shan Vaults.  It has also meant a lot of research – gear, stats, glyphs, talents, rotations.

Healing throughput is something I can get behind and get excited about.  How and when to use cooldowns.  The best time and order to use my heals to their fullest potential.  What stats most effectively boost my style of healing.  I am not really sure why this is so different for me to manage successfully in a 10 minute fight over a DPS rotation and cooldowns.  DPS have to use their cooldowns as part of their rotation, as a healer, I am more accustomed to using them because I need them to keep someone alive.

I should really leave the DPS’ing to the pros.  Like lovely miss Poneria, who gently corrected and coaxed me through Thursday night and my misplaced excitement over damage and numbers.

So after a few new pieces, gems, enchants, a new profession, and reforging, here is where I am sitting…

Effraeti – Level 90 Restoration Shaman

Item Level

Effy is currently Item Level 472.  It is a nice jump from barely geared enough to run LFR last week.


I dropped Herbalism over the weekend, which is proving very weird.  It leaves me with one less “Ohh, shiny!” profession, and now I have to make due with just fishing pools.  But I maxed out Inscription, and I am being all raider responsible and stuff.

  • Alchemy – Extra time from flasks and more mana returned from pots.
  • Inscription – Shoulder enchants with 320 more Intellect than the standard epic version.


After doing some research, I conceded to Mastery being far less awesome than it was through heroics in Dragon Soul.  I am currently intrigued by the potentials of Crit and Resurgence, but I do not really have the spare stats to support playing with it too much right now.

Intellect > Spirit > Haste (12.5%) > Mastery (50%) > Crit

Honestly, through the first half of Cata, I did play a lot between focusing on Crit and focusing on Mastery.  When I joined UR, and we were pushing the progression envelope more successfully, Mastery definitely won.  We shall see how the stats treat me this time around.

Personal Performance Thoughts

Well, erm.  This is where I kind of have to shrug my shoulders.  I have no idea how well I did for my gear and class and spec as far as DPS goes.  I plan to keep working on my DPS, even if just through daily quests.  heh  But since I am trying to shift my focus back to healing, even though we are entering week 2, I am basically starting over again.

I would like to once more make a regular habit of reviewing myself as a raider.  Though, I would prefer those reviews to be through the healing perspective rather than the DPS.

Guild Performance Thoughts

Undying Resolution is now 4/6 in Mogu’Shan Vaults, and sitting nicely to possibly start the new content when it is released.  4/6 in normal puts us tied with the 1st place 25man guild on Elune.

I cannot make a lot of observations just yet, but the progress is steady so far, and impressive I might add.  Heroics will be the big marker, I think.

Parting Thoughts

I am really excited about raid healing this week, and I look forward to reviewing myself at its end.

~ Effy

Most of the research I did was using the following sites:

And in closing, I am finally back to my good ol’ self and my good ol’ techno.  Take it or leave it, as apparently some find my musical preferences less than pleasing.  Oh well.  This is a great new song I came across recently…

Phaeleh – Afterglow


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