The Resto Shaman To-Do List

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It has been a frantic week for my Shaman already.  She changed one of her primary professions over the weekend.  She has completely respec’d and re-reforged.  (??)  And I have been pouring over all the healing guides I can find.

Last night, it all came together and those of UR who were on and willing last night (about 10 of us), did both halves of LFR.  It was only my second time healing in the 1st half, but with much more Spirit (cuz it was not reforged off for my Ele spec) and a few other small changes.

I was fairly pleased with my performance, but I am still not “there.”  I am still not fully comfortable with all my cooldowns and my mana.

I have a lot of goals for myself.  The closer I get to those goals, I know the better my output and mana management will become.

Male Draenei Shaman from the WoW trading card game.

Back in Cata, one of those goals was a personal one, to maintain a 95% or better activity time.  That was made possible by the previous Telluric Currents talent, which I do not see as a viable glyph at the moment.  I might play with it at some point, but it seems more mana-neutral than helpful this time around.

I do not like standing around, I much prefer to be constantly casting, but I have to balance when I should and should not be healing.

My no cooldown Riptides seem to be working more against me than for me so far, and that is something I will have to address.  It might be better for me to go back to it unglyphed.  I have managed all this time with a cooldown, and have rarely had an issue with maintaining Tidal Waves.  It seems if I am going to have to limit its usage anyway, I might as well take advantage of the upfront heal (which I lose 90% when it is glyphed).  Besides, being in a 25man, I also use my Chain Heal to maintain my Tidal Waves.

The goal is 100% on everything I feel I should be doing, but reality will check me there.  🙂

Female Draenei Shaman from the WoW trading card game.

My current goals:

  1. Manage my Riptides better – do not overdo them.  Alternately, unglyph Riptides and use it on cooldown.
  2. Maintain Tidal Waves for every Healing Wave/Greater Healing Wave/Healing Surge.
  3. Only cast Chain Heal on Riptide targets.
  4. Continue to use Unleash Elements on cooldown for the single-target heal buff.
  5. Get more comfortable with my new healing cooldowns (Ascendance and Healing Tide).
  6. Get more comfortable with my healing totems and their timers (Healing Stream and Healing Tide).
  7. Get more comfortable with my mana pool and regen.
  8. Learn the fights better (from a healer PoV).
  9. Try not to overheal or cast when I do not need to.
  10. Do not panic heal.

Sometimes, panic healing is unavoidable.  Sometimes the sh*t hits the fan, and you have to adjust.  I like proving my adaptability to myself in those moments, but they are tough on the mana pool.  For the most part, if I keep a steady healing pace, and allow myself to get into the flow of the fight, my mana responds much better.

I also feel behind, both in the time leading up to me reaching 90 compared to others and in the fact that I started out focused on DPS.  I am basically relearning the fights all over.

I think my stats are about where they should be.  I also have the prior knowledge from Wrath and Cata on my Shaman to assist me in starting out somewhere above the zero marker.  Now, it is just to retrain my brain and my fingers to the changes.  🙂

~ Effy

Do you have any tricks you are using in Mists to maintain your healer groove?


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