More Confessions

This actually goes for my entire Pandora R&B station. heh

Once I open the flood gates, I guess it is hard to shut up.  🙂  (See number 2.)

1. I Hate Stealth

Not-so-stealthy Effy

Before you start to call me a Rogue/Feral Druid hater or a PvP noob (which I am), let me explain.

It is not classes with stealth I dislike, it is ME actually USING stealth.  It is most of why my Rogue and Druid are so under-utilized.  I have become reminded of this fact by my recent foray into the Shado-Pan daily quests, where stealthing around while sabotaging the Mantid is a daily theme.

When I was young, I had really bad insomnia and nightmares.  I remember, many times, waking in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep, and for quite some time making a habit of watching the old 60’s Batman show in the wee hours.  It got bad enough that finally my parents put a TV in my room for when I could not sleep.

One of those recurring nightmares was trying to hide from someone chasing me down.  No matter how well I hid, no matter how dark a corner I found, they always caught me…

So that is how I feel when I stealth around.  It is horrible, cuz I always feel like I am going to be spotted, and when I do get spotted it scares the living crap out of me.  ><

2. I Am the Biggest Chicken

I am this very strange combination of introverted and extroverted.  I am very shy to start, in unknown or new situations.  But once I get more comfortable with my surrounding and when I get to know someone, it tends to be difficult to shut me up.  😉

This means that ice breakers are murder for me.

The current problem lies in my interest in someone – someone I can not for the life of me get up the nerve to ask out.  I keep making excuses.  I keep insisting to myself the timing is not right.  I keep telling myself everything except my true worry – rejection.

I think that is what it really comes down to, honestly – rejection is that initial hurdle to an easy, downhill slope.  Once the conversation is started, I have it from there.  But it is like there is this big fallen tree in the middle of the road…

Or I am chicken.  🙂

3. No NaNoWriMo for Me

The Cardiff Miller house of books – how cool is that??

I fancy myself a writer.  At certain times in my life, I have fancied myself a writer of novels – none of which have ever completely reached fruition, mind you.

These days, I have set such things aside, and I merely write what works for me, which happens to be in the form of short stories about my various gaming characters – most importantly, Effy.  Until such time as that changes – no NaNoWriMo for me.

Instead, I would prefer to keep working on my blog and my stories.  And I will probably participate in the IntPiPoMo.

In fact, if I could somehow write a post everyday for the month of November, that would be something!

Let’s make that a goal.

~ Effy


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