Trees of the Mists: Part 1 – The Veiled Stair

Tavern in the Mists, the Veiled Stair

Pandaria is full of many wonderful sights.  Angelya’s annual IntPiPoMo, coinciding with NaNoWriMo through the month of November, seems to me a perfect way to showcase some of this beauty.

I spent some time thinking about how exactly I wanted to present my take on what makes up Pandaria.

For several years, I was into bonsai.  I had many trees I had grand plans for, and I was even part of the Ann Arbor Bonsai Society.  I still follow the happenings of AABS and I yet have some trees.  None of them are really noteworthy or even truly capable of being labeled bonsai, but they are still special to me as someone who had a black thumb for the longest time.  At some point, when I really get myself decided on what it is I want out of my job, my life, and even WoW, I want to pick back up on actively pursuing this interest of mine.

Bonsai is about patience and reflection, items I try very hard to weave into my life.  Reflection, I have in spades.  Patience… that one I am still working on.

Trees, in general, have always been fascinating to me.  It is probably for this reason that autumn is my favorite season (and always entirely too short), and that I became interested in bonsai.

With this in my background, and the island of Pandaria being very similar to the Asian sources of this gorgeous hobby, it seemed to me that highlighting the trees of the newest expansion was most interesting to me.

So to start, I give you the one noteworthy spot in the very small zone of the Veiled Stair.

Over the course of November, in some unknown order and some vague pattern of publication, I will be posting the other seven zones of Pandaria, focusing on the trees.

~ Effy


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