Dressing for Success

No sorry, Effy, this is not a transmog post.

Nono, Effy.  No being sad.  This post is about raiding gear.  Specifically, your healing raiding gear, and making you a better healer!

That’s better!

Phew, so anyway…

Let me first say this is not a BiS list.  At least at this point in the expansion, I do not really feel there is any such thing.  I am more worried about mana, balancing my stats, and working towards haste breaks and such.  I am currently focusing most heavily on Intellect and Spirit, which means item level beats out the other secondary stats.

Call this a list for my own personal reference.

I also blame my GM/RL Ranico for this list, as he was asking how we are all doing on Valor and what we are still looking to buy with it.  Darn you for making me do math and all this figuring on a Saturday!  <shakes fists>  😛

Let me add, this list assumes I will not kill Galleon and our raid will remain focused on finishing Mogu’Shan Vaults.  Obviously the Heroic versions of each are best, but I am okie working through LFR pieces and up.

For Mogu’Shan Vaults pieces, the links are to the LFR version, for simplicity.

Even with this list, I am not really keen on some of the pieces, as some do not even have Spirit.  What is up with that?  Sure, I can reforge to Spirit, and at some point I was thinking I might be able to actually reforge away from some Spirit, but I would kind of prefer it on every piece.  Darn it.

For the chest it is either that or the Lifekeeper’s Robe, and since I do not have the money to pay someone for all their Spirit of Harmony and mats nor is my Leatherworker maxed – I am going to settle for now and reforge.  Besides, the difference in item level means I would prefer the Intellect boost from the Robes… eventually.  I will work on the crafted robe, though, in case the RNG gods disfavor me.

The wrists, well, those are my only choice…

I actually swapped around the belt and boots I had on this list originally, because they were both lacking in Spirit.  It was an even swap of VP needed for one and a raid drop needed for the other.  Before I had the Klaxxi Lash of the Precursor and Meng’s Treads of Insanity.

Last but not least, a quick look at my continued progress, as I continue to do LFR far beyond my gearing and VP gain for the week…

Effy is back! 😀

Okie, so maybe it was just LFR, and maybe I completely missed grabbing the counter for Spirit Kings >< but I am making markable progress in my healing.  I am still ending many fights on fumes, but I am keeping up for the fights, and – at least in LFR – sitting at the top instead of the middle to bottom.

I swear I was on top in the Spirit Kings fight too…  <looks again for the screenshot>  Darn it.

The HPS and even the total heals are kind of hard to do anything but roll my eyes at, cuz many of the fights have huge lulls in LFR, but I still am focusing on the fact that my numbers and mana management are improving.  Upward progress is the goal, and so far that progress is steady.

I did switch back to the Healing Wave glyph.  My current build is here.  This works much better for me, though, I am still struggling to remember to recall my totems for the mana return.  Riptide with a cooldown and Chain Heal without one just work better for my style.

BTW, I did not realize until piecing the Skada counts together that Gara’jal steals a pretty cool line from Vigo in Ghostbusters 2!  “Death is but a doorway, time is but a window, I’ll be back.”

Well, I do not know about Gara’jal or Vigo – but Effy is back.  🙂

~ Effy

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