One More Way I am a Big Nerd


I do not recall if I have ever discussed this on my blog(s), but not only do I enjoy writing for personal and mostly frivolous reasons, I also enjoy writing in my professional life.  My home life consists of my stories and my blog, and my work life is most ideal when I am able to flex my tech writing skills.

Despite the fact that my youngest brother thinks tech writing is the most boring sounding job ever (and that coming from a programmer, which sounds way more boring to me), I enjoy it.  I like giving things form and structure.  I like making sense of fractured pieces of information and lining them up into neat, uniform steps – with good grammar and complete sentences.

Complete sentences are important.

I spent over a year job shadowing a tech writer I have a great deal of respect for.  Unfortunately, after that, my path to becoming one myself became pretty bumpy.  Now, I occupy myself with a mostly administrative position, randomly called upon to create simple documents and procedures.

Working for a group of engineers has been very interesting so far, and is now – finally – leading me to a point where I am taking this tiny bit of information I have acquired since starting here to create some service manuals.

I know, it sounds exciting, eh??  Well, I think so.


Most of this stuff is still gibberish to me – even after 7 years in auto parts and 8 months here.  I have started to learn AutoCAD, but that hardly touches on what these machines are and what they do.  I deal mostly with the individual part schematics and the back-end, paperwork stuff.  But even without knowing the gritty details, I can still make a process.

I often ask myself, where else can I sit at work and listen to guys talk about strippers, studs, shafts, and piercing all day?

Does it make me a bad person that they make me giggle?  Heh, I am so immature sometimes.

~ Effy



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