Perseverance Set

Caeridwen is my Death Knight, and the main character of my newest short story.  I figured it would be nice to post her outfit after showing it in the title picture.  I would like to post all of my current outfits fairly soon, though, some of my toons are still wearing their Cata gear and their transmogs have not changed much.

I know I have all my character profiles to update as well.  Some of those outfits are pretty old.  🙂

Lastly, I have come to a decision of sorts for a naming convention on outfits.  Since Mists is full of Sha energies and Sha monsters, all of whom are fed by negative emotions like anger, hate, and fear, I wanted to do the opposite for my characters.  So each of my characters will have a positive emotion or description attached to their transmog sets.

Effy’s set was Serenity, and now we have Caeridwen with Perseverance.

~ Effy

Perseverance Set

Female Night Elf Death Knight – Front

Female Night Elf Death Knight – Back

Greatsword of Forlorn Visions


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