Enter the Monk: Initial Mistweaver Thoughts

Chíyu from the WoW Armory. For some reason, you cannot see her Monk belt. 😦

Now that I am Level 65 on my Pandaren Monk, Chíyu, I have realized I have not posted my thoughts on the Monk (or more importantly, healing on the Monk) at all.  Well, except for a short blurb in my post about Effy hitting Level 90:

4. I also made a wee Pandaren Monk – Chíyu.

Yup, so I am pretty sure that is the extent of her introduction on my blog.  For shame.

I usually do not get too in depth talking about my alts, except when I create their stories.  Talking about how they level and my dungeon/questing experiences is not usually something I get into.

But then, I made my Monk.  Even though I am doing dailies, raiding, grouping for dungeons/scenarios, running LFR, and completing other items to prep for raids on Effy… and leveling my DK… I keep finding myself trying to get in at least one dungeon on Chíyu whenever I can.

The Monk just seems to be a different type of healer.  It is similar to when I leveled my Disc Priest.  It was such a fun leveling experience that I have never been able to change her from Disc, and every other Priest I have even dabbled with has only been Disc.  Kind of like all my DKs being Blood.

Leveling on a Monk

Master Cheng dueling Chiyu

To start with, when leveling a Pandaren Monk, you have a lot of things going for you.

  1. Pandaren have bonuses to rested XP (it lasts twice as long).
  2. Monks have a daily quest that rewards a bonus XP buff.  (It lasts 1 hour and stacks to 2 hours.)
  3. Monks receive a quest similar to their daily every ten levels, which provides the same XP buff, and a piece of leveling (and transmog!) gear.
  4. I have the full set of leather casting BoAs of varying level caps.  (Shoulders, Chest, Trinkets, Ring, Staff to Level 80 & Head, Legs, Cloak to Level 85.)

They come together to make leveling pretty painless.

Add to that, even spec’d as Mistweaver, she manages quests well.  I have had no issues there so far.  She actually does a fair amount of damage, and even if it takes her a little longer to kill something (which it does not seem to), she also heals while she attacks.  Comparable damage may be due to the combat-nature of the dailies, which consist of a one-on-one match with one of the Monk masters.

In fact, in dungeons, I am finding I do quite a bit of damage when I choose to.  Spinning Crane Kick has a tendency to push me to the top of the meter when there are four or more mobs – and that is while it is healing at the same time.

I may have to try pulling an absurd number of mobs while questing – DK-style – and see if this both kills the mobs quickly and efficiently, and keeps me alive.  That should be interesting.  🙂

Healing on a Monk

Soothing Mist

At Level 65, I have a huge number of spells already.  The great part about being in BC content is that I am finally getting to use them too.

For Vanilla content I was getting by with:

  • Renewing Mist – Cast on tank, spreads to low party members
  • Soothing Mist – Mostly cast on tank, but switch to other low members as needed
  • Surging Mist – For when the tank starts to take a lot of damage
  • Chi Wave – Works as a minor Chi dump, group heal, and a small bit of added damage

Honestly, this was usually more than I needed (and more to keep me engaged) unless the tank was extra squishy or pulling way too much.  On the rare occasion when I got nervous (even in over-pull situations, I was usually overhealing), I would throw Life Cocoon on the tank.  But honestly, I mostly used it because it looks cool.  🙂

Spinning Crane Kick

Now that Chíyu is in BC content, I am finding myself healing with more of my arsenal.  Spinning Crane Kick is becoming my go-to AoE heal when the tank is chain-pulling big packs of trash.  I have to be careful with it, though, as it locks me out of using other spells, and does not heal the ranged.

The “new” skills I am playing with now:

  • Enveloping Mist – Uses Chi instead of mana, and will instantly heal my Soothing Mist target (I have actually had this spell for a while now)
  • Uplift – Heals everyone with Renewing Mist
  • Healing Sphere – These are like one-shot Lightwells, and only require party members to walk through them (apparently, a chance to create these when healing is my Mastery)

Healing on my Monk is really fun, even if she is completely OP.  🙂  I watch her lazily keep everyone alive in situations where I would usually be forced to admit defeat in leveling dungeons with PUGs.  The only issues I have run into so far – even while healing the flood of newbie DK tanks who are always present in the BC dungeons – have been two:

  1. My go-go DK tank who decided to pull two rooms and then take off out of my LoS with those two rooms of mobs.  Smart.  His response?  “Keep up better.”  <sigh>  He was the only one who died there, though.
  2. Getting one-shot by another DK tank who pulled several packs of trash and then got MC’d.  Everyone else survived, of course.  <shrug>  And I imagine I could have saved myself if I had noticed he was MC’d before he stuck a Hellreaver through my head.

I am sure there will be much playstyle change between now and 90, especially between leveling/questing/dungeons and how she functions in a raid.  There was already a slight change between Vanilla and BC.

I am curious and excited to see her continued progression.

Final Thoughts

Zen Pilgrimage

I have not really played with the other two Monk specs at all.  I am having too much fun healing, and too much fun successfully leveling AS a healer.  Hooray!  🙂

Leveling as a healer is very exciting to me!

Partly, this is due to the fact that I have noticed a pattern in Mists quests, one that makes me nervous about the state of my other healers.  I noticed the quest rewards are very class/spec specific.

So far, for my DK, it seems everything has been pieces useful to her as a tank, and I am pretty sure Effy’s quests were at least 90% caster specific.  I think towards the end, I had Intellect and Agility options.  I think…

Sifaol, my Priest, can probably get by as Shadow <shudder> as the gear will be the same (Intellect and Spirit), like Effy’s was.

But what about my Pally?  I cannot bear the thought of leveling her in Holy, and even leveling her other spec – Prot – would be long and arduous I am sure.  (Just based on the time it takes for her to kill farming pests.)  I do not want to get all the way to 90 and have zero healing gear.  😦

Same for my Druid.  I mostly play her as Feral now, but I have a long history with her as (fail) Resto/Balance, and I am determined to learn how to play a Resto Druid eventually!  (Something that has eluded me for two expansions now!)  Yes, I admit it.  I can heal on every other WoW class with a healing spec, but I have forever been a fail Resto Druid.  <ashamed>

~ Effy

P.S. = I also found out Pandaren are very buggy in WoW Model Viewer, but perhaps that is because I am running the 32-bit version on a 64-bit system.  Has anyone seen the new version in 64-bit?  I have looked!  😦

Also, Chiyu looks pretty cool as a human.


9 thoughts on “Enter the Monk: Initial Mistweaver Thoughts

  1. Leveling as a Holy Paladin is rather fun. I’ve been having a blast with it in BC content. Turning Word of Glory to a damage spell when targeting an enemy via the Glyph of Harsh Words really helps.

  2. Love the Transmogrification set you’ve got for Chiyu!

    I’ve been really enjoying my Mistweaver monk, too. I enjoy playing her as a Windwalker, too, but I’d like to run more dungeons than BTH and I do because Mistweaver healing is so much fun.

    I’ve been wanting to try Resto-ing with a Druid for two expansions now, too. I just need to start running dungeons with my Druid, I guess — jump in with both feet, and all that.

    • Thanks, Kamalia! The hands and shoulders were tough to match with items I could wear at lower levels, but I found those from some quests in Winterspring. Her outfit might change a small amount between now and max level – perhaps the aforementioned hands and shoulders – but I am pretty happy with it. Expect a transmog post for her soon. 😉

      I am so glad to hear I am not the only healer who struggles with playing a Druid! There are so many people who swear by Druid healing, and I was starting to think there was something wrong with me. :/

      If not for the faction difference, I would offer to run dungeons with your Druid healing my DK! She is mostly un-squishy, and would be a good “test run” I think.

      ~ Effy

  3. Effy,

    Quest rewards in Mist are based on what spec you are when you turn in the quest. If you want to get a different piece of gear, simply change specs on turn in 🙂


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