State of the Raider 4

One of my favorite raiding items put to good use.

This week is Thanksgiving in the US, resulting in a truncated raiding week, so I decided to just put the two weeks together (this week and last).  This is much to the chagrin of some of our Canadian raiders, one of whom mentioned to me that Canadians are much more considerate by not putting holidays in the middle of the week.

Hey now!  I happen to like my two days off!  Pfft…  Besides, Canadians celebrate Christmas, and that is whatever day of the week it feels like.  😛


Undying Resolution’s First 25man Elegon kill!

Last Wednesday and Thursday resulted in a new kill for our main 25man team – Elegon! – as well as some solid attempts on Will of the Emperor.

I very much like the Elegon fight.  There is some heavy damage, stacking periods (attacking the boss) and some lighter damage, spread out, regen periods (the wispy adds and electricity walls).  They seem timed perfectly for my big cooldowns.  SLT on the first explosion, HTT on the second.  And healing my butt off when/if we get a third.  But then, while we are healing our individual groups at the pillars, I single target and regen.

So though I think I mentioned it before, I really like the Elegon fight.

Will of the Emperor is an interesting encounter.  It is another of those fights where everyone is spread out willy-nilly, and trying to get anyone stacked for a Healing Rain or a Spirit Link Totem is like trying to wrangle kittens.  (I just like picturing that!)  So for the most part, until we get a kill and start perfecting, I think I am going to have to manage with HST, HTT, Ascendance, and my single target spells for the most part.  I can weave in the occasional AoE, but in most ways, it feels like wasted mana on that fight.

We shall see how it progresses as we tweak and fine tune.

Tuesday night was a strange night to raid, and I think it threw the group’s groove off a bit, but we still managed to get through all of our current kills – including Elegon about 10 minutes before the end of raid.  Five bosses in one night is a step forward for us so far this tier.  I imagine as the tier progresses, we will continue to cut that down.

So great job to everyone for making a weird-feeling Tuesday into a successful raid night.  🙂


For some reason, I have no pics of Garalon, so instead, you get a pic of Effy stoned.

For this week’s 10man, I only went on Monday night.  Sunday night, the group downed the Windlord with three healers, so Monday was all about progressing on Garalon.  Once more, Monday was three healers.

The Garalon fight is, once more, a fight where everyone is spread out.  I guess after a whole tier of catering to Shaman and stacking for our AoE’s, Blizzard wanted to change it up some.  Oh well, unlike previous tiers, I feel more confident in my single target performance.

The big task is keeping everyone in range.  Standing in the center of the room, with the boss rotating around me is very efficient, and means I have to move a lot less than I would otherwise.  Keeping the melee in range while they DPS the far, back leg is the primary concern.

But I felt my performance was strong.  We just kept bumping into the enrage timer.

BTW, what is up with two raid bosses with very similar names this tier?  Gara’jal and Garalon.  Just to be confusing, eh?  It sure makes abbreviating their names difficult.  😉

Final Thoughts

Belf dancing with Aesa! (And Pon sitting there and pretending she does not know us, perhaps. heh)

In this past week, the level of overhealing present so far this tier has come onto my radar.  This has proven most disturbing to me, as someone who has always been very careful about overhealing, and the management of my mana.

I feel I took easily to the triage style of healing, because this worked well with my style of mana and heal juggling.  So seeing my overheal numbers of late makes me feel like I am misusing my abilities somehow.

Okie, so through much of Dragon Soul, mana was not too much of an issue – what with gear and the age of the expansion and Telluric Currents (Oh, I miss you so!) – and I may have become a bit more HPS/output focused.  Just to see what my Shaman was really capable of putting out.  But previous to that, I have always maintained a careful balance of HPS and overheals.

HPS is pretty meaningless if all of it is done to targets who are already full (or nearly full) on health.

It is not just Shaman – it seems to be everyone.  There was about a 50% overhealing average for our heal team last night.  The two Shaman (including) and the Monk being highest, but not by too much.

My next goal is to focus more on my efficient, non-overhealing skills.  This means very sparing use of Healing Rain, which is currently highest on the overheal list.

Sorry, Healing Rain, it’s not that we cannot be friends, but I just need some time apart.  Maybe, some day, there will come a fight where you will be truly useful again.  But for now, other than Feng, we are going to have to agree to see other heals.

And now, I am off to enjoy the rest of my really long weekend!  😀  Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Effy


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