Eccentricity and Anxiety

The Scream, by Evard Munch

Call this a random smattering of thoughts and such.


I am really liking this word this week.  Partly, it may be because it is a word I use to describe the guy I am sort of kind of seeing.  You know, when I actually see him.  Because dinner Wednesday night, last week, counts for once in the past month, with a movie/lunch thrown in before that.

I am not sure how, but guild chat suddenly came to revolve around who this guy is and how I met him at one point over the weekend.  <hides>  (I was like one of those protective older sibling things.  Have I become everyone’s little sister?  Oh dear.)

Guild: Is he a gamer?

Me: No, he does not have a personal computer or internet.

Guild: <gasp>  How is this possible??

Me: I dunno.  He is in a state of renovating his house, but I know I would go a little nutty after like one day.  Make that a few hours…

Ranico said something to the effect of if he had just a house frame and something to keep the rain off his router, he would have internet.  I totally agree.

Guild: Well, how did you meet him?

Me: … A dating website.

There was more to the conversation, but I just felt that made a good punchline.

As for the eccentric part, well, it is hard to explain.  He has interesting mannerisms and tastes, and maybe it is more a matter of some undiagnosed Tourettes, but he also has the oddest way of saying random things that I would not expect.  Let’s just suffice to say he is unlike anyone else I know or have known.

But I think part of this spills over into his randomness – randomly texting, randomly disappearing, randomly being available 10 minutes from my house when he lives 40 minutes away.

I dunno.  I really enjoy spending time with him, but after how long I have known him, I have settled myself into the idea that it will never go beyond where it is currently.  Because, in all honesty, I have been on and off dating/hanging out with him for over four years now.

Yup, I know a few of you out there going, “Wait, what?  But that would mean…”  Mmhmm.  I stopped seeing him when I started dating Laz.  And he seems to have this odd habit of popping back up at just the right time.

So yah, I am enjoying the little bit of time I do spend with him, but at the same time I am not expecting too much.

I will just chalk it up to his eccentricity.


I am a career procrastinator.  Usually it works to my advantage, and motivates me when a deadline is looming.  Other times, it becomes a pile of To-Do’s that overwhelm me until I want to just curl up under the desk.

Everything just kind of felt like it came to a head yesterday.  When I logged onto WoW, I was all excited to see what new patch stuff there was, having read snippets here and there online all day.  I was even proud of myself for updating all the addons that were available before I logged on – including ElvUI.

Then, I logged in and found myself immediately dismayed.  All of my ElvUI settings were gone.  Usually when I update ElvUI, my settings are not affected.  But just the last time I updated, maybe 2-3 weeks ago, it reset, and I spent the better part of my evening fixing it.

So there I sat – staring at my screen in frustration.  And everything just smacked me in the face at once.


After staring way too long at my lack of settings, as well as lack of addons (which meant I had to go turn “Load Outdated Addons” back on), I finally started to slowly set up Effy’s UI.  I gave up completely on my second account.  Maybe I will do it tonight.  But I did not even go to my farms on my second account toons.

This is not what I want to spend my evening doing.  Not after a long day at work.  I am just glad it was not a raid night.

I set up Effy and I set up Caeridwen.  I did their farm stuff and Tiller dailies.  And then I grumpily stared at my screen again.

Thankfully, several of my guildies decided to run some LFR, and dragged me along.

BA Thanksgiving Event

I think I have bit off more than I can chew with these mermaids.  Turkeys were easy.  And the way I setup these little stories, I really only have to draw the background once, and the characters maybe once or twice.  Or at least, that is how the turkeys last year worked.  Apparently it is not working for mermaids.

I believe I have without a doubt proven to myself I could never do this for a living.  Especially animations.  Drawing the same thing over and over and over…  Oh god.  I could not do it.  ><

Amowrath (who really needs to make a post if I am going to keep linking him! subtle hint!) made the awesome suggestion of using Vashj’ir as backgrounds instead of hand drawing them all, because I was getting all frustrated with trying to draw a mermaid castle.  I could have hugged him.  But now it is a combination of finishing the characters, and figuring out how to get scanned paper images onto a screenshot background.

I know I will figure it out, but in the meantime I am terrorizing myself by fretting about it.

Screwing with ink cartridges and setting up the scanner on the new computer was irksome too.  ($100 for ink?!?!  Ridiculous!!  Stupid HPs.)

So I know I will get it done, but my time table is all screwed up now.  So when?  Uhm…

Short Stories

I have four in particular hanging over me still.  They are all started and in various stages of not being complete.  I am working on them as I can, but the progress is slow at best.  All are screaming for attention, yet giving me little to work with.  😛


My last post took far longer, and grew far longer, than I ever originally intended.  I think the intention was for it to be a BRIEF overview.  But anyone who knows me should know better.  Just saying.  heh

One of the nice parts about spending an extended amount of time writing about healing, is it makes me think more about it.  Many of these thoughts were present with me last night in LFR, and are still present with me going forward to our raid tonight.

This week will be a lot of testing and reflecting for me, I think.


This is the one task I feel I am not failing miserably at.  I spent an evening taking screenshots in various zones, and spent some time over the weekend choosing and scheduling posts.  As you may have noticed, some have already posted, and I am on track to finish before the month does.

Small victories.  Hooray!

~ Effy


5 thoughts on “Eccentricity and Anxiety

  1. I completely feel your pain with ElvUI. I am actually considering not using it anymore, even though it has *everything* I need as a healer, pretty much. I get really picky with my UI setup and it’s so much easier to just slap one big package on. Anyway I was so frustrated last night… I hadn’t played for a few days and was excited to try out the new update with my husband. Well I ended up spending about an hour updating my addons and fixing ElvUI. We ended up only having time to do our regular Pandaria dailies. The worst part is I only got it functional on one toon, and I don’t remember half of the tweaks I did to it prior to the reset, lol! *sigh*

    • There is the ability on the Profiles tab to use one character’s UI and copy it to others. Setup Character #1. Load Character #2. Go to ElvUI’s Profile tab. Choose Character #1 from the drop down.

      Just make sure you setup the first part first! If you setup Chat and Auras and all that on Character #2 after changing the profile, you will delete Character #1’s settings. Been there, done that too. 😛

      Only downside: I cannot use this across my two accounts. But at least I only have to set up two characters, and not like 15. heh

      ~ Effy

    • Yah, I know! I remember reading about your trials without AC and playing through that, and then your Sandy scare (which sounds like it mostly left you alone, yes?). Just that much withdrawal gave me the shakes. 🙂

      Like I said, he is a strange one. The big question is: can I get along with a non-gamer with an extended period of time??

      ~ Effy

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