State of the Raider 5

SotR5 - Distractions

One of many distractions

My mind is a wee bit distracted this week, so I plan to keep my raider self-evaluation short today.  Also, not much has changed in the areas of skills or playstyles or bosses – except that some boss encounters have moved from being experienced by me in a 10man setting to our 25man.  So that is pretty exciting.

So far this week has proven lucrative.  As of logging off Tuesday night, I am already halfway to Valor cap.  That includes MV’s second half and both halves of HoF in LFR, as well as a Silver for the daily Challenge Mode in Scarlet Monastery.

Scarlet Monastery will be an… interesting Gold.  🙂

Last week’s 25man main raids on Wednesday and Thursday proved good for our progression.  We downed not one new boss, but THREE, and all on Thursday night…

Will of the Emperor down in 25man!

Will of the Emperor down in 25man!

The adds on Will of the Emperor are pretty insane in 25man, but our DPS did awesome.

Imperial Vizier Zor'lok down in 25man!

Imperial Vizier Zor’lok down in 25man!

The Vizier proved easier in 25man, and gave us little trouble.

Blade Lord Ta'yak down in 25man!

Blade Lord Ta’yak down in 25man!

The Blade Lord (who I think I have wrongly been referring to as the Wind Lord, cuz hello? he throws tornadoes and the Wind Lord does not… so m’kay) was an interesting dance, but allowed for more leeway and room for error than his 10man counterpart.  And the last phase seemed way easier to heal in 25man.

Sunday, I was not in the 10man, and Monday the 10man was canceled.  So no updates from me on that front.

It sounds like no 10mans on Mondays until after the first of the year, and the guild will probably focus on Heart of Fear for a bit, to gear up for Heroics.  So our 10man might shift back to Mogu’Shan Vaults, and gathering the last few pieces (mostly trinkets) that some of our raiders need there.  Including my own wish for the Jade Courtesan Figurine trinket.

So, Effy, are you going to give us a little more than just some killshot pics and fluff?


I do not have too much to say in that regard right now.  I have received a few upgrades, adjusted some stats, and I am adjusting as needed per fight.  Not much else has changed.

I actually downgraded my chestpiece to a Heart of Fear LFR version, because it has a lot of Spirit, of which my VP one had none.  That made getting my Spirit back to 7500 a lot easier.  It was sitting a little below 7k for about a week, and that was pretty meh.  So I lost a little Intellect, but it was getting impossible to finagle my Spirit appropriately with having so many pieces without Spirit.

Well, let me adjust that: it was getting impossible with my chestpiece not having Spirit, since that one piece has such a big chunk of stats.

Honestly, my bracers are my only other piece without Spirit, but once I finally replace my Ghost Iron Dragonling trinket, it is gonna hurt – a loss of 600 Spirit.  So replacing my bracers is pretty high on my priority too.

I have thrown that stupid “BiS” list out the window.  What a piece of crap.

Basically, my goal is the highest iLevel piece with Spirit I can manage.  Perhaps once Heroics are in full swing, or maybe even next tier, I can start focusing more on a piece or two without.

For right now, my Spirit is the most difficult to maintain properly, everything else is coming easily enough.  I am just barely where I need to be, or at least, where I am comfortable, Spirit-wise.

Oh, and I totally forgot to mention before, Effy has her Dragonslayer title!  Some guildies, along with some really friendly people from a few other guilds, went in and cleared Bastion of Twilight on heroic one Saturday afternoon, and I got to go along.  It was poorly DPS’ing, but I did not stand in too much stupid stuff.  It was my first heroic kill on the Council and Cho’gall, and my first time ever seeing Sinestra.

Very cool, and very fun.  Sinestra is still a fight requiring a good deal of coordination, so that was nice to conquer too.

~ Effy

Updates - Sinestra 1

Updates - Sinestra 2

Updates - Sinestra 3


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