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Updates - Caer's Pet

After many many wipes on trash in Pit of Saron to this particular mob and its friends back in Wrath (in fact, the entire slope from Ick to the cavern before Tyrannus), it seemed just desserts to make a pet of one. 🙂

Monday night, when I found out the 10man was canceled, I ran Effy through what Caeridwen had previously accomplished over the weekend – Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, and AQ40.

I had a bit more pet luck…

I picked up the Harbinger of Flame

I picked up the Harbinger of Flame

the Anubisath Idol

the Anubisath Idol

and the Mini Mindslayer.

and the Mini Mindslayer.

5 down, 7 to go!

5 down, 7 to go!

Disclosure: Pics may have been taken during last night’s raid break.  They also may have been taken while standing beside a sexy Effy doppleganger!  (Who may have been Pawnfu above, and Ariano below!)

Updates - Doppleganger

And yes, lil Navimie raided with UR last night too!  (And Aesadonna is that sexeh Blood Elf over there.)

Updates - Red

I also picked up the one AQ40 mount I was missing!  (Black does not count, since I never had the opportunity to acquire one of those.)  One of these days, perhaps they will make them everywhere mounts, instead of instance-only.  I can hope, right?

A few things I wanted to mention, that I thought were interesting regarding particular bosses…

Effy had a much easier time with the Twin Emperors.  She annihilated the magic one (Vek’lor?).  Very curious compared to Caer’s 30 minute fight against his melee counterpart.

I was completely unable to kill Viscidus for some reason.  I Frost Shocked until he frozen, and then I blew him up, but I could not kill him.  He sat at 1 hit point throughout half a dozen freeze phases before I finally got frustrated and reset him.  Caer had no problem with that fight.

The three bugs were the same as with Caer – I was all over the place (punt, stun, fear, repeat) and then they would finally reset.  I was careful about where I stood, I tried to keep them in the corners and away from the entrance/exit of the room best I could.  But no luck.

Since this post is mostly about pets, I leave you with Solaes hanging out with her two newest friends…

~ Effy

Solaes and Navimie

Solaes and Navimie

Solaes and Catwynn

Solaes and Catwynn


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