Another Kind of Twilight

Twilight Book Cover

For some time now, I have been working on my Descending Twilight series, based on stories surrounding my main character, Effraeti, during the time of the Cataclysm.  Descending Twilight seemed appropriate, since those happenings are greatly influenced by the Twilight’s Hammer cult and the countdown to the Hour of Twilight.

However, in an ironic twist, I have become interested in the Twilight series – finally.

I did something I never do – I watched the movies first.  I am always very particular about reading something before I see the movie.  Granted, had I not “accidentally” started watching the first Twilight movie on TV, I probably never would have sparked an interest.

I started reading the first Twilight book last week, and finished it so quickly, I did not even have time to change my current book under my blogging avatar!  (It is up to date now!)  So now, I am reading New Moon, the second book.

I was kind of ashamed at myself that I took my time with Earth Unaware, Orson Scott Card’s most recent Ender-verse book, which goes all the way back to explain the first contact with the Formics – and ultimately the first war.

But I realized this morning there were two reasons for that, and they made me feel a little better.

First off, Earth Unaware was in a hardcover book format, and not on my phone.  I have just about given up on solid books, which is difficult for me, since I love the smell and feel of books.  But my phone just presents so many more convenient options to me: size, back-lighting, and I always have it with me.  So reading while waiting for appointments or on my lunch at work is much easier.

The second reason was an even more interesting discovery.  I have had a deep connection with Orson Scott Card and his Ender characters for a long time – since high school, when my then-boyfriend’s dad introduced the book to me.  He insisted that even though I was interested in fantasy books, I would like this completely unrelated science fiction book.

Well, I did.

Since then, I have reread Ender’s Game about once a year.  In fact, for those unaware, my dog’s name is Ender.  She is now 11 years old.  (Yes, I understand there is a gender reversal there.)  I have read nearly all of Card’s books, and I have reread several – though not as many times as Ender’s Game.

So Ender and Card are like old friends to me (and the IRL Ender is my best friend!), and reading their books is like spending time with someone comfortable and familiar.

The Twilight books, however, and the Hunger Games series before it, are more like a new romantic interest – new, exciting, even nerve-wracking – making me eager and anxious to forge ahead.

I admitted to my mom the other day that I am liking the books more than the movies.  The movies seem disjointed in places – sometimes there are things happening that are not explained fully and come across awkward.  The books are smoothing out those awkward moments for me.

Just what I need is more sappy romance, but oh well.  I am enjoying myself immensely.

Speaking of romances (and my mention of Effy at the start of this post), I am slowly working on all of my in-progress short stories.  I did not write over the weekend, though, I was too busy with leveling my Monk and my Druid and hunting down pets in MC, BWL, AQ40, and Naxx.  I have an update about that soon.

It makes me wonder if there will be new raid-dropped pets added for other raids?  Maybe BC raids?

~ Effy


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