Ender’s Battle on the Big Screen

Ender's Game

A friend of mine shared this, and being about Ender’s Game, I had to make a post.

I have high hopes for the movie.  First of all, because this is something Orson Scott Card has been working on for literally decades – since the creation of Ender and his world back in 1977 as a short story.  Card has turned down many, many offers for making the book into a movie – to maintain the feel of the story – and I have faith that he found the right telling for it.

Secondly – Harrison Ford.  That is all I should have to say there.  He basically sums up my interest in older men, period.  ❤

Harrison Ford

Oh, and have I ever mentioned I love goatees? 🙂

According to this, Ford is set to play Graff.  <squee>  The Ender’s Game picture confuses me, though, as I cannot recall Graff ever being in one of the student bunk rooms.

I agree the kids above look a little older than I would take for 8 years old…  :/  That is my only reservation.  But then, I look at some of the rest of the cast: Asa Butterfield (Ender), Abigail Breslin (Valentine), Jimmy “Jax” Pinchak (Peter), Hailee Steinfield (Petra), Aramis Knight (Bean) and I am set more at ease.  So who the heck are the other kids in the pic?  lol

I have faith in the author I have given so much of my personal reading time to over the past fifteen or so years.

March 15th cannot come quickly enough!  😀

~ Effy


4 thoughts on “Ender’s Battle on the Big Screen

    • Yah, I will definitely be reading it again between now and then. Probably after I finish the Twilight series, which has me eager to read more.

      I just want to be reading my book right now! 😦

      ~ Effy

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