UR Style: Bearlyvenat

Venat striking a pose for his 15 minutes of fame!

Venat striking a pose for his 15 minutes of fame!

An Intro to UR Style

While working on my UR introductions in the third part of Descending Twilight, I realized pics of everyone throughout the story would be awesome and then I started thinking about outfits and then this whole idea formed…

I decided since several of my fellow guildies are interested in transmog, but do not have WoW blogs, I would offer up my own blog and services to post them for the community.  I made a post on the UR forums, and I have already had several mention interest. 😀

Venat was the first, therefore I am posting his first.

The title for this series is sort of a play on words.  Everyone is fond of referring to our messy first kills as “UR Style.”  I still fondly remember one example of this – our first Blackhorn kill.  It consisted of myself and my Earth elemental being the only bodies still standing when he died.  Shammy Power!  <flex>

About Bearlyvenat

Venat was a Shadow Priest when I met him in Dragon Soul.  For Mists, he has changed classes to a Pandaren Mage.  Venat is still his Priest, therefore, his Mage is Bearlyvenat.  A very Venat-appropriate name.  🙂

Interestingly enough, Venat’s Mage was a Gnome prior to Mists, named Gardenguard.  Though a garden-guarding Gnome is a cute idea, I think his Pandaren race change was a great idea.

I cannot help it, but male Pandaren make me think of the Gummi Bears.  So here is the theme song to get stuck in your head, like it always does for me whenever I think about it.  hehe

I was hoping he would offer up his Fire set, which I absolutely love on his Pandaren, but apparently he has been working on this Arcane set.  Like with my Mage, Kiirae, Venat seems interested in creating a set for each spec.  A very appealing idea, especially for a Mage, who has the Frost, Fire, and Arcane themes to work with.

This is a busy outfit, but I am pretty impressed he made something work with Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown.  Though, I imagine it had to be taken out a bit by an experienced tailor, considering its original owner.  🙂

I am still determined to get a hold of his Fire setup.  Maybe I can post that later with his upcoming Frost set.  We shall see.

~ Effy

Bonus tidbit: Venat is mentioned in my most recent Effy story, and is likely to appear with his other half, Kaygome, in my next piece, whenever I get the chance to write that.  🙂

Bearlyvenat – Arcane Set

Male Pandaren Mage - Front

Male Pandaren Mage – Front

Male Pandaren Male - Back

Male Pandaren Male – Back

Torch of the Celestial Spark

Torch of the Celestial Spark

Bearlyvenat’s Set

UR Style - Venat 2

UR Style - Venat 3

Venat was also nice enough to give me a portal back after we hung out in Netherstorm to get a few screenshots.  🙂

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