UR Style: Pawnfu

A moment's peace.

A moment’s peace.

This silly lil commentary I can keep short – Pawnfu was wonderful enough to give me a bio for his Monk!

Let me just say: I liked this outfit from the get-go, and was really hoping Pawnfu would let me feature it on my blog when he first showed it to me!  I dropped some subtle hints previous to this UR Style idea, but maybe I was too subtle for once.  🙂

I thought the pants were an odd choice, but the blue ties into the glow of the weapons – I love it!  Out of all the really cool hand weapons in the game, I think Pawnfu picked a perfect pair for this set.  The Grizzly Jerkin with Antiseptic-Soaked Shirt is perfect.

Pawnfu only recently joined UR, so I have no connection to him in Descending Twilight.  (And he is a Pandaren, so imagine it would be difficult to finagle him into a Dragon Soul setting!)  However, I imagine there may be a piece in the near future of Pawnfu and Effy’s first meeting.  🙂

Anyway, enough from me!  Let me give you the story and the transmog!

~ Effy

The Pawnfu

Rhegar loved to brag about his his exotic slave, Hiroshi, but kept the young Pandaren close fearing that he would be stolen. Despite the hard work, Hiroshi loved Rhegar like a father and loved the rough band of misfits that traveled with them like brothers and sisters. Other slaves, he knew, property of Rhegar. Hiroshi never knew how he ended up with such a group but for many years he stayed with the band, tending the gladiators’ wounds and serving them meals. From a distance, Hiroshi watched and studied the fighting styles of Bloodeye, Broll, Veleera and Lo’Gash, dreaming that one day he too would fight among them. He was hardened by the company Rhegar kept and humbled by his years of service.

During a tournament in Stonetalon Mountains, Hiroshi bumped into a dangerous looking orc while rushing food and drink to a wounded Lo’Gash, spilling on the orc’s cloak. The orc, infuriated, slashed at Hiroshi’s face. In that instant, Hiroshi’s world went dark. He could not see, but he could feel the warm liquid pouring from his eyes. He could not see, but he heard the battle sounds around him and knew that the angry orc had been dispatched. He could not see, but he could smell Rehgar nearby and sense his fear. Rehgar did not know what to do with the boy.

That night, Hiroshi awoke to the feeling of movement, swift movement. Hiroshi did not fear, and sensed that the one carrying him was not trying to harm him. He could not see, but could feel the furry palm holding him under his arm. Was he sold to a Tauren? a Worgen? he dare not hope… a Pandaren? “It must be,” he thought. He did not know whether others of his kind still existed. He could sense the heft of his captor, yet they moved so swiftly. Hiroshi did not struggle, he instead began to meditate.

Finally, his captor stopped. He could not see, but he could smell the ocean. The large man sat the boy down… on sand. “You are a slave no longer,” he heard a deep, gruff voice say. The accent was strange… it is a Pandaren, Hiroshi knew it. “I am Chen, I will bring you to my home and leave you with people I trust. In time it will become your home too.” Hiroshi sat silent, though his thoughts ran wild. He waited with Chen for hours on the beach. Hiroshi could feel the warmth of the sun. “We leave now.” Chen sat Hiroshi on a raft and stepped aboard with incredible balance. Hiroshi’s heart beat faster and faster, but he kept still, silent.

Not a word was spoken for days. Chen would put bread and water in Hiroshi’s hands from time to time, but that was the extent of their interaction. “We have arrived. I need a drink.” Hiroshi was introduced to a man named Shang Xi. “This will be your new master. You must train for the storm to come. You must learn to let the winds guide you. Good bye, young one.”

“Hmmmmmmmm.” said Master Shang Xi. I can see the strength inside you. Can you see it too, I wonder.”

During his training, the other students would laugh, and sometimes marvel at how furiously his paws flew through the air. “The blind monk”, they called him, “the pawing fool!” It sounded more like the “pawnfu”. Although he never let his emotions show, he loved the name and relished in the attention. He worked harder than the other students. He could not see, but he never lost focus. He could not see, but he could fight.

Male Pandaren Monk - Front

Male Pandaren Monk – Front

Male Pandaren Monk - Back

Male Pandaren Monk – Back

Fist of the Deity x2

Fist of the Deity x2

Pawnfu’s Set

Reflecting and fishing. :)

Reflecting and fishing. 🙂

EDIT: Here are the actual correct pants (and the ones linked above).  I decided to leave the above pics, because MogIt would not cooperate today and show both fist weapons.  😦

UR Style - Pawnfu Set 4


5 thoughts on “UR Style: Pawnfu

  1. Hey Effy! Thanks for the cool post. While I agree the blue does kind of match the weapon glow, that’s not actually the color of my pants. I wonder if you’re seeing the LFR or heroic version? Anyways… great blog!

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