…And I Feel Fine

I will not post the song, because I am sure it is already stuck in your head now.  You are welcome.  🙂

Today is the end of everything!  <snicker>

Godmother made a post yesterday morning of some of what she would spend her last day on Azeroth doing.  This got me to thinking…

Of course, this got me to thinking about Laz and Effy, because they are far more interesting than IRL currently.  heh  I think they would both handle the whole thing pretty calmly, and just sit it out, together.

Perhaps they would watch the sun set for the last time.

I laugh about this whole end of the world thing, but honestly, it has me anxious.  Not because I really think the world will end, but because I realize if it DID end, I am not ready.  I am not in the happy, content place I would like to be when I shuffle off this mortal coil, so to say.  I do not have what Laz and Effy do – another to peacefully wait out the end.  I have much more I would still like to do – and someone to find to share it with.

Ironically, I could now post a screenshot with Laz and Effy enjoying a sunset (if I could FIND a suitable sunset, which eluded me last night!  I will try again tonight…), because I broke down and gender/name changed my Pally back to Laz.

He is a story character, and screenshots are important.  (Yes, yes, I know I have been lacking pictures lately!  Sorry!)  And this way, I can work on putting together his outfits again.

Aerora will be coming back at some point, only smaller.  I like her stories too much to completely remove her.  Probably as Holy.

The first thing I did, of course, was put an outfit together for Lazheward.  He looked pretty bad in the set I had Aerora in…  The Brutish Breastplate is not nearly as flattering on a male toon.  So I spent some JP on the Turalyon’s pieces.  Then, I added a cloak, belt and boots.  The weapon and shield, I am not totally happy with yet.  I will work on them, but they are fine for now.  Axes are hard to work around…

I will be sure to show it off soon.  My UR Style series is monopolizing things ATM.  🙂

Yes, I do still think having Laz as a character is somewhat awkward, but for some reason, I was enjoying playing him last night in some dungeons with Ari and Final more than I usually enjoy Pally tanking.  I do have a thing for male Draenei.  heh  (Or maybe I am just getting more comfortable with Pally tanking again.)

Amo was pleased my Pally is still Prot/Holy, but I think I might drop Holy for Ret so I can quest better.  Prot/Holy is slow for questing and farming thusfar.  He did hit 86 last night, though.  Meh, maybe I will just level him through dungeons.

Anyway, Laz and Effy are back together in-game now too.

I am scheduling this to post at 11:11.  Which is the time I read that the world is suppose to end.  (As to what time zone that is suppose to refer to, who knows.  But it did not end at 6:11, so I will give it one more chance.)  So if you are reading this, I think we are in the clear.  😉  I am just going to calmly drink my Dunkin Donuts caramel latte and wait it out, or finish up my Friday, whichever comes first.

See ya on the flip side!

~ Effy


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