Holy crap! We did it!

Holy crap! We did it!

Tonight, the Undying Challengers completed a Gold run through Siege of Niuzao!  That marks our last Gold!  What does that mean?



Transmog gear!

Transmog gear!



And PETS!  I had not even realized a pet comes from the Challenge Mode achievements!  It is from completing them with a guild group!  Woot!  Yay!  We have the Thundering Serpent Hatchling now!  He crackles with lightning, too!  🙂

The Shaman Challenge Mode gear is quite interesting.  We all agree it would look best on a Troll, or maybe an Orc.  But Effy will be sporting it for a while.  I had to change a few pieces, though.  (The pic above is with a few pieces changed – the boots and belt.  The pic below is with all the CM pieces.  I will be sure to post her transmog here soon.)

The whole Challenge Mode Shaman set

The whole Challenge Mode Shaman set

The achievement spam was pretty crazy.  We told ourselves it was all or nothing – Gold, no Silver.  We wanted all the achievement spam at once.  It took three screens to spam at me!

CM Gold - Complete Achievement Bronze

CM Gold - Complete Achievement Silver

CM Gold - Complete Achievement Gold

Our first few runs we killed way too many mobs.  So we changed things up and skipped some in the first hall.  When we were on the last run before the last boss, we realized we were going to be short mobs.  Well, our time was awesome up to that point, so we kept going, killed the boss, and ran back to pull some trash before the second to last boss.  All we had to kill was the few we need, then everything else despawned – and BAM!

CM Gold - Siege of Niuzao Board

Not our best time, but there is plenty of time to cleanup where needed now that we are done – if we decide to go that route. 🙂  Heck, we have about half of our runs as realm bests, we may or may not go for the rest.  We shall see.

Now, I just need to do this on three more toons, so I can get the rest of the Phoenix mounts…  Hahaha!

Video coming soon!

~ Effy

Effy with her Violet Pandaren Phoenix

Effy with her Violet Pandaren Phoenix

EDIT: Added video!


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