Happy New Year!

This was a strange blogging year for me, and instead of one Year in Blogging report – I have three for you!  heh

Effraeti’s RP

I started my blog was while playing on a roleplaying server.  So at the time it seemed “Effy’s RP at Wyrmrest Accord” was an appropriate title for my blog.  It was a pretty noob blogger mistake, and became an obvious thorn in my side when I transferred to Elune to join Undying Resolution to start raiding again.  However, I held onto the name, because my blog was growing in readers and Effy has always been my focus.

Arborean Nights

Fast forward to about June.  I found myself playing TERA and eventually leaving WoW.  This brought the need for a new home for my thoughts, strangely more serious, as well as more focused on healing and the Mystic class.  My blog, much like my tenure in TERA, was shortlived, and I akin TERA to burning a candle at both end – fast, exciting, and wonderful upfront, but I quickly burnt out.

Awaiting the Muse

In September, I finally came to the realization that I really missed writing short stories and blogging on Effy’s RP, but since I was no longer playing WoW, my blog’s name was a constant source of consternation.  I made a hard decision, and created a new blog and started over.  I thought briefly about staying “Effy’s RP” just without the “Wyrmrest Accord” on the end, but finally decided a new title was in my own best interest.

Ironically, I came back to WoW about a month later.  But I still feel moving was the right decision for me.  I feel more free to write about things that are not WoW here – even though I have not played any other games recently.  But the important part is that I feel I have the option.

What was 2012?

2012 was a hectic year for me, both gaming-wise and IRL.

I left my job at the Girl Scouts, which was a good decision for me, because I was making myself sick with all the anxiety.  I started working at my current job, where I am both making more and feeling far more appreciated.  I both got back together and broke up again with my long time beau, whom you all know as Laz.  I left and came back to WoW, as well as my raiding guild, Undying Resolution.  During my WoW absence, I played several other games, which are all collecting dust in various places for one reason or another.  I also built a new computer and migrated to a dual monitor setup which is totally awesome and surprisingly has not rendered my laptop useless.  Three monitors full of stuff I am doing at any given time is proving good for me actually.  I go a little crazy if I am not multitasking.

The past few weeks have been a little rough emotionally – holidays and all, I guess. Trying to get myself motivated for a new year.

I think that was a pretty good “2012 in a nutshell.”

Forward, into 2013!

The past is the past, it is time to move forward.  This blog, WoW, raiding, and my stories are the plan for 2013.  I plan to keep raiding.  I plan to keep writing.  I plan to keep transmogging.

As for New Year’s resolutions?  Uhm, still working on that part.  I will get back to you…

~ Effy


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    • You know, that is actually quite brilliant! Too bad I am a horrible glutton for punishment and I am sure I can come up with something extravagant and doomed for failure. 🙂

      ~ Effy

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