Pet Level 25 and Beyond

Blue Team - Level 25

Over the weekend, I got my main pet battle team to Level 25!  Finally!  Yay!  Things are moving much more quickly now that I have a solid team at Level 25.  Especially powerleveling other pets.  🙂

Team Blue

Blue Team - The Team

At the moment, my main three are Team Blue!  I swear they were not originally picked for their colors, but it ended up working out that way.  😀  Team Blue consists of: Longwei, my Celestial Dragon; Rangoon, my Shore Crab; and Lloth, my Crystal Spider.

As I pet battle my way to the top of the pet trainer pile, and slowly level pets in the process, I am definitely coming to realize my favorite pets and my personal battling preferences.

I am most taken with my Celestial Dragon, who just annihilates, as well as has a self-heal and buffs.  He is my go-to pet, and the pet I use most to level other pets (even before he was 25).  Even if he does not participate in a battle, he is always in reserve.

As for my style, I have noticed I prefer pets with some sort of heal/lifetap.  That way, even when I miss a few times or receive a particularly nasty crit, I can still salvage the battle.  I also like working with buffs and such that affect all my pets.  Longwei’s Moonfire/Moonlight is perfect – it helps healing, which all my preferred pets are good at!

I have been thinking a good goal is to level two of each type of pet.  That way, no matter what I go up against, I have a powerful team.  I am also quickly realizing that though some of my pets have good survivability, they are just not putting out the damage some of the trainer pets are.  So now that I am battling higher level trainers, I may have to adjust some of my tactics.

My team still works great for capturing pets and leveling wee ones, but we shall see how my techniques hold or change from here forward.

The Extended Team

Blue Team - Expanding the Team

Just for the record, one of my favorite parts of characters and pets is naming them.  I like to come up with names both obvious and obscure fit a character really well.  It usually consists of a mixture of Google and Wikipedia and translator searches until I find something that fits just right.  🙂











NOTE: This is a work in progress list.  🙂

Getting to Level 25



A lot of my leveling was slowly making my way through the zones, capturing pets and beating pet trainers as I went.  I am currently to Northrend on my pet battles, which are getting difficult.  So I might have got a little distracted on capturing pets in Pandaria for the moment.

Towards the end, I found a pretty great place to finish leveling my original team to 25.

There is this spot in Zul’Drak, an aqueduct area where the Water Wavelings spawn at the south end of the zone.  They are numerous, and they have a fast respawn.  The only issue I ran into that slowed me down some was Geyser.  So since the spawn rate on the pets is so high, I would just forfeit until I started the fight with a Water Waveling with Tidal Wave in its third slot instead.



Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave

No, it was not a big deal, but less healing between fights made it go a lot faster.  My three could keep up with healing themselves through most else.

Since I did not have any Level 25 pets yet to powerlevel with at the time, this technique worked great for me.

Dragon Army

Tairais, my Infinite Whelpling

Tairais, my Infinite Whelpling

Yes, another Ender’s Game reference.  🙂

My other idea is to say screw it all, and just make my pet battle team entirely of dragons.  I really like this idea, no matter how ludicrous it might be in actuality.  I cannot completely disregard it.  So I might as well make a checklist of what I am working on, eh?

All of my dragons except Longwei received their names via the Draconic Translator.

The Every Dragonkin Battle Pet List

(even the ones I will never, EVER get but excluding the ones I absolutely CANNOT get)

And dragons that are not really Dragonkin but I still would like to add to this team:

The Dragonhawk Hatchlings all seem to have the same abilities, so I will probably only upgrade one – likely the blue.  The battle pets I will work to farm to rare, because upgrading the drop/purchased/quest pets will be troublesome enough.  A long road, I am sure.

So at the moment, my obsessions are leveling pets, collecting all I can, finding rares in all the Dragonkin, and finding a rare or a stone for my Restless Shadeling.

Is this my rare?? - I am not sure which is worse: flying around in circles seeing nothing or finding one just to be disappointed he is not a rare. Hmm.

Is this my rare?? – I am not sure which is worse: flying around in circles seeing nothing for what seems like forever or finding one just to be disappointed he is not a rare. Hmm.

After about 3 more hours of obsessively looking for a rare Infinite Whelpling this evening, I got a Flawless Dragonkin Battle-Stone from killing one that was NOT a rare.  After farming this guy since I was high enough to capture him, including a total of at least 8 hours over this past weekend, I took this as a sign and used it on him.  So Tairais is now a rare and will be Level 25 soon.

BTW, the page for pets on the Armory is pretty cool.

~ Effy

P.S. = I am still quite the Pet Battle noob.  So any suggestions are certainly welcome!  🙂


6 thoughts on “Pet Level 25 and Beyond

  1. Congrats on the level 25 pets! It gets a lot easier once you get some to 25!

    Using the pet trainer dailtys make it very easy to get a pet to 25. Warcraft pets has a forum post that has the location of them all! My one recommendation would be to make sure to have a mechanical pet lvl’d. Lots of those pesky higher pet trainers have annoying pets that mechanical pets seem to tear thru.

    • Thanks! Indeed, I am already discovering how much easier things are now… All except the higher pet trainer battles. A max level Mechanical pet in my roster is probably a really good idea. I should start working on that tonight! 🙂

      ~ Effy

  2. Be very careful, I don’t want you to end up like Cat. She just levels pets all day muttering things like, my precious, my precious. Very sad. Oh! Just finished rereading Ender’s Game so I’m ready for the movie!

    • LOL Ancient, it might already be too late for me! I shirked all other responsibilities this weekend to pet battle – I have not even finished capping my VP for the week. I had to force myself into doing some dailies yesterday, and that got sidetracked by “Ohh, shiny! New Pandaria pets everywhere!” What a slacker I am. ><

      ~ Effy

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