Mini-Post: Writing Out of Order


Another post that is only a post because it is too big for a tweet.

I cannot stress enough, because this is something that I have fought with for a long time:

Do not be afraid to write your story out of order!

For example, I am working on Part 3 of As the Sun Sets.

I had the beginning.  This morning, I had a brainstorm that completely changed my view of the ending!  Like a lightning bolt.  So I went with it, and at lunch I wrote the ending.  Now I have to go back and write the middle, but that is okie, because I can always adjust the end if I need to.

Inspirations are funny things.  They come and they go.

Make sure you write it down before they go! :)

~ Effy

P.S. = I partially blame Bear for my random musings today!

4 thoughts on “Mini-Post: Writing Out of Order

    • I had really vivid dreams when I was younger. In fact, some of the crazy things my brain thought of while the rest of me was sleeping was what started me writing! Alas, these days I hardly ever remember my dreams. It is kind of a shame. I have a good imagination, but my subconscious is even more creative! :)

      ~ Effy

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