Mini-Post: Writing Out of Order


Another post that is only a post because it is too big for a tweet.

I cannot stress enough, because this is something that I have fought with for a long time:

Do not be afraid to write your story out of order!

For example, I am working on Part 3 of As the Sun Sets.

I had the beginning.  This morning, I had a brainstorm that completely changed my view of the ending!  Like a lightning bolt.  So I went with it, and at lunch I wrote the ending.  Now I have to go back and write the middle, but that is okie, because I can always adjust the end if I need to.

Inspirations are funny things.  They come and they go.

Make sure you write it down before they go!  🙂

~ Effy

P.S. = I partially blame Bear for my random musings today!

4 thoughts on “Mini-Post: Writing Out of Order

  1. I’m like that with dreams. Some are so vivid when you wake up and others you wish you could just close your eyes and see how the story continues 🙂

    • I had really vivid dreams when I was younger. In fact, some of the crazy things my brain thought of while the rest of me was sleeping was what started me writing! Alas, these days I hardly ever remember my dreams. It is kind of a shame. I have a good imagination, but my subconscious is even more creative! 🙂

      ~ Effy

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