Confessions: Pet Battles

At least one pet survived...

This was actually a good fight!

No, I am not confessing that I AM pet battling.  I think I have already waxed poetic about that enough recently to prove a point.

What I wanted to confess is that I rarely finish a trainer battle where I am not sitting with two of my pets dead and the third hanging on by a slender thread.

Is this normal?  Or should I be finishing at a higher margin of health?

Because I see people talking about power-leveling pets during training battles.  Uhm… HOW?  Because I am barely winning with three pets.  I cannot imagine trying to hobble through with two pets and one dead weight.  heh

And I have not even attempted the Spirit trainers.  That idea is just scary.  Maybe this weekend…

~ Effy


11 thoughts on “Confessions: Pet Battles

  1. I used to powerlevel on the following trainers: Deadwind Pass, Winterspring, Jade Forest, Valley of the Four Winds, Townlong Steppes and Vale of Eternal Blossoms. I usually used my Emperor Crab which has a good HOT and a shield. Good luck. 🙂

    • Yah, I can handle two (even one) pet fighting the trainers in Deadwindpass and Winterspring. Those two are only like level 19. It is the remainder of the trainers. hehe

      I have a crab, but he seems to damage too slow. Even my high hit point pets get annihilated, because the trainer pets just do so much damage. I have adjusted to using one Mechanical, one Dragon, and one other (depending on the needs of the fight). But I usually have to try a few times and/or win by the skin of my teeth.

      ~ Effy

  2. There’s an awful lot of luck involved. I’ll breeze through a tamer using little more than one pet and then the next time he wipes the floor with me three times in a row. My fights got better when I replaced pets I was using with pets with the highest speed where possible, it really makes a difference. So some of my favorites have to sit on the bench.

    • It does seem like a lot of luck. And it does seem like I am completely unable to use pets I actually like to pet battle with as I slowly replace them for meh pets that have slightly better combinations of skills. Both of which are kind of souring me to the whole thing. 😦

      I also started looking at the stats, and I am seeing they are random… Does this mean I could have a good pet with a weak combo of stats?? ><

      ~ Effy

      • That’s the heartbreak, lol, you look and look for a certain wild pet you need and you get one with crappy stats. I love my Whelk but every time I see one I tame it to see if I might get one with high speed.

        A good place to go and be able to see what each pet’s stats will be at 25 is If you use the stat calculator for a pet you have you can see what breed and how his stats shape up.

  3. I learned how much luck can be involved playing with Jeremy at the DMF. I’d breeze through one time, and another, an opposing pet would dodge that big strong attack, and everything would go to hell after.

    Just remember, if it isn’t working QUIT the battle, heal up and start over. Don’t attempt to squeeze a win when things are marginal. Noone is keeping score.

    I still mess up, failing to account for a DOT that kills my training pet after the swap.

    • Yah, when I fight with one lowbie on the trainers in Deadwind Pass and Winterspring, I usually have to restart the fight a few times. It is no good if my lowbie gets one-shot or poisoned to the point where I know they will not survive the fight.

      I understand RNG, but these pet battles seem like a ridiculous amount of RNG. I mean, me missing with several abilities in one fight… Them crit’ing on every other ability… Them killing my pets with “weak” attacks like I am nothing… And now I am wondering (and worried) about the stats thing…

      *sigh* Some of these RNG things are making something I was really excited about much less so. (Not to mention that eff’ing Scourged Whelpling.)

      ~ Effy

      • I already do not pet battle with my favorite pet – Xarzith, my Azure Whelpling. I mean, now that I am sorta get the hang of things better, I will definitely finish leveling her… We shall see, I guess…

        ~ Effy

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