Monday Musings: DK Effy

Gotta look good while leveling

Gotta look good while leveling

After my post about the Effy’s, I realized I missed DK-Effy and honestly she should be my main Death Knight.  So I have taken to leveling her!  Caeridwen may become a purely farming toon, or perhaps farming and PvP.  We shall see.

Leveling amongst distractions...

Leveling amongst distractions…

It is always fun tanking on a DK, especially when that DK is Effy.  The only downside?  I keep trying to hit Ghost Wolf.  ><

I did spend some time on Effy too.  I did my pet trainer dailies, and on a whim, I decided to see how my luck fared for something other than that effing Scourged Whelpling…  Apparently good, because it only took me about 20 minutes to find this lil guy…

Squee! Cute lil Emerald Whelpling!

Squee! Cute lil Emerald Whelpling!

The Noxious Whelplings in Feralas were much more accommodating.  And so my Dragon Army continues to grow!  Time to level some more dragons.

~ Effy

7 thoughts on “Monday Musings: DK Effy

    • Thanks! I usually have horrible luck with such things too. I broke down and bought the Dark Whelpling, after hours and hours both this expansion and last. The only reason I have not bought the Crimson Whelpling is 1) lack of presence on the AH and 2) lack of funds where it actually there. 🙂

      Yah, I am pretty happy with DK-Effy’s outfit. I will be sure to post it soon!

      ~ Effy

    • Thanks, Ancient! I am hoping beyond hope that my luck with this little guy will continue and grant me a Scourged Whelpling too…! I will keep trying until 5.2 – when they are suppose to increase the spawning.

      ~ Effy

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