The Pet Battle Cheatsheet

Pet Battles Cheatsheet

I thought it might be a good reference for myself to have all this easily available.  I currently have much of this scribbled on a couple pages in a notebook, but that is proving cumbersome, since I write other stuff in that notebook and have to keep flipping back.  Maybe it will be useful to someone else too!

Strengths (50% Extra Damage)

  • Aquatic >> Strong Against >> Elemental
  • Beast >> Strong Against >> Critter
  • Critter >> Strong Against >> Undead
  • Dragonkin >> Strong Against >> Magic
  • Elemental >> Strong Against >> Mechanical
  • Flying >> Strong Against >> Aquatic
  • Humanoid >> Strong Against >> Dragonkin
  • Magic >> Strong Against >> Flying
  • Mechanical >> Strong Against >> Beast
  • Undead >> Strong Against >> Humanoid

Weaknesses (33% Less Damage)

  • Aquatic — Weak Against — Magic
  • Beast — Weak Against — Flying
  • Critter — Weak Against — Humanoid
  • Dragonkin — Weak Against — Undead
  • Elemental — Weak Against — Critter
  • Flying — Weak Against — Dragonkin
  • Humanoid — Weak Against — Beast
  • Magic — Weak Against — Mechanical
  • Mechanical — Weak Against — Elemental
  • Undead — Weak Against — Aquatic

Passive Abilities

  • Aquatic – Harmful Damage Over Time is reduced by 25%
  • Beast – Deal 25% additional damage while below 50% health
  • Critter – Break out of CC quicker
  • Dragonkin – Deal 50% additional damage the round after reducing an enemy below 25%
  • Elemental – Ignore all weather effects
  • Flying – Gain 50% additional speed above 50% health
  • Humanoid – Recover 4% maximum health each round they deal damage
  • Magic – Cannot be dealt more than 40% of their maximum health in one attack
  • Mechanical – Come back once per battle at 20% health
  • Undead – Return to life for one round when killed


I include this section, because my ultimate goal is take full advantage of buffs/debuffs/weather to create a stronger attacking team.  For example, using Call Blizzard paired with Howling Blast, Ice Lance, and/or Deep Freeze.  And in turn using Deep Freeze with Takedown.



Bleeding – DoT

Burning – DoT


Poisoned – DoT

Sleep – Incapacitate

Stunned – Incapacitate


Weather Effects

Arcane Storm – Pets cannot be stunned or rooted

Blizzard – All pets are considered “Chilled”

Cleansing Rain – The duration of all Damage over Time effects are reduced by 1 round and Aquatic pets do 25% more damage

Darkness – All pets are considered “Blinded” and all healing received is reduced by 50%

Lightning Storm – All pets deal bonus Mechanical damage and Mechanical abilities do 10% additional damage

Moonlight – All pets receive 25% additional healing and Magic abilities do 10% additional damage

Muddy – Pets entering the battle are Rooted for 3 rounds

Sandstorm – Pets take less damage and the accuracy of all abilities is reduced by 10%

Scorched Earth – All pets are considered “Burning” and take Dragonkin damage per round

Sunny Day – Pets gain 100% additional maximum health and all healing done is increased by 25%

~ Effy

Research done mostly on the Pet Battle System page on WoWpedia and WoWhead’s Battle Pets section.

This may be edited as needed.  So if I missed anything or you see something is incorrect, please let me know!


19 thoughts on “The Pet Battle Cheatsheet

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    • lol So glad you like it!

      Yah, I figured it was time to take it from scribbles in my notebook to something a wee bit more handy. It worked like a charm over the weekend – I had it up on my second screen as I flew around honoring Elders and capturing a few rares I did not have yet. Of course, that is what most of my day consisted of! And still no Minfernal or Giraffe Calf! 🙂

      ~ Effy

    • Thanks, Lorelei!

      Glad you found that part helpful! It was not part of my notebook scribbles, but something I kept having to flip around on different webpages for. Hopefully having the list and the links to the skills and pets with those skills will help us to better match up debuffs with buffed damage. That’s the goal, anyway. 🙂

      ~ Effy

    • Thanks, Starre! And I want to apologize, I have been negligent in looking through my Spam… Somehow your comments were going there! That should be all fixed now. Sorry about that!

      ~ Effy

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  3. I’ve retweeted this post today. Mainly because I think it is highly valuable to us amatuer pet tamers/battlers. I find that I use this every single day that I play.

    Without it, I wouldn’t have thought to look at my aquatics while playing against undead. When I did, I found out that not only are the undead weak against my frogs, but two of the frogs secondary attacks are strong against undead! This makes the Tamer in Christalsong Forest almost laughable, when you put a couple of frogs up against him and his three undead!

    Just saying, I continue to find this post increadilby useful. Thanks again, Effy; for putting this up.


    • Thanks so much, Z! I too use this list everyday.

      Yah, leveling Undead through regular pet battles can be a pain for that exact reason – there are so many Critters and Aquatic (especially frogs) in the wild. Glad you found something to help you along, and I am so glad I was able to help! 😀

      ~ Effy

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