The BiS Pet List

I use the title mostly tongue-in-cheek, because it amuses me endlessly to compare pet battles in anyway to raiding.  I spent my lunch doing just what the title suggests: identifying what the “best” pets are.  By “best” (and I use quotation marks because this is based on only ONE set of factors) I am speaking to pets with the most stat points.

I have spent far too much time over the past two days going over Breed IDs and what this means to my current team.

I want the fastest, most powerful, highest survival team I can have.  For that, one thing I need is high stats!  First of all, that means Rare quality pets, since this is the highest available to us at the moment.  But beyond the Rare quality, there is Breed ID.  Breed ID is what determines a battle pet’s stat points per level – and in which stats those points are most heavily distributed.

Not sure what Breed ID means?  Well, here is a good, quick rundown.

Basically, Breed ID means that “well-balanced” pets are actually at a disadvantage, because they gain the least number of stat points per level.  The highest number of stat points per level go to very specialized pets – pets with high Health, high Attack Power, or high Attack Speed.

So below, find a list of the battle pets with the type-best Health, Power, and Speed.

Which is best to your style and even your particular fight is up to you, as this is just one way to organize my thoughts on the “best” pets.  In no way am I saying these pets are definitely better than other pets.  Because, as we all know, I would rather just run all Dragonkin.  🙂

I realized that some of the “best” pets are pretty much definitely unavailable to me.  So for those (ie. Mini Diablo) find the next best alternative(s).

Oh, and sorry, no links or pictures.  I did this on lunch.  So maybe I will put them in when I get home.

~ Effy

BiS Pets By Type

Note: This list assumes pets are Rare quality of the Breed ID listed.


  • P/P – (358) Emperor Crab
  • S/S – (374) Aqua Strider
  • H/H – (1969) Emerald Turtle


  • P/P – (358) Stunted Shardhorn
  • S/S – (390) Cheetah Cub
  • H/H – (1888) Clefthoof Runt, Devouring Maggot, Festering Maggot, Maggot


  • P/P – (370) Red Cricket
  • S/S – (358) Alpine Hare, Arctic Hare, Brown Rabbit, Darkmoon Rabbit, Hare, Mountain Cottontail, Rabbit, Snowshoe Hare, Snowshoe Rabbit, Spring Rabbit, Tolai Hare, Tolai Hare Pup
  • H/H – (1969) Scooter the Snail, Shimmershell Snail


  • P/P – (358) Lil’ Deathwing –OR NEXT DOWN– (341) Emerald Proto-Whelp, Infinite Whelpling, Nether Faerie Dragon, Nexus Whelpling, Spawn of Onyxia, Thundering Serpent Hatchling
  • S/S – (358) Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling?
  • H/H – (1806) Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling?


  • P/P – (374) Lil’ Ragnaros
  • S/S – (390) Sapphire Cub
  • H/H – (1969) Pebble


  • P/P – (341) Imperial Eagle Chick, Nether Ray Fry, Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling, Yellow Moth
  • S/S – (358) Polly, Silky Moth, White Tickbird Hatchling
  • H/H – (1888) Tiny Sporebat


  • P/P – (341) Kun-Lai Runt
  • S/S – (325) Flayer Youngling, Hopling, Peddlefeet, Sporeling Sprout
  • H/H – (1725) Anubisath Idol, Flayer Youngling, Sporeling Sprout


  • P/P – (358) Mini Diablo –OR NEXT DOWN– (341) Twilight Fiendling
  • S/S – (390) Zergling –OR NEXT DOWN– (358) Nordrassil Wisp
  • H/H – (1806) Jade Oozeling


  • P/P – (325) Warbot –OR NEXT DOWN– (322) Fluxfire Feline, Landros Lil’ XT, Lil’ XT
  • S/S – (341) Cogblade Raptor
  • H/H – (1888) Anodized Robo Cub


  • P/P – (309) Sen’jin Fetish
  • S/S – (325) Mr. Bigglesworth
  • H/H – (1888) Infested Bear Cub, Spirit Crab

Final Note: I have to look into the Dragonhawk Hatchlings.  I am confused as to how there can be multiple Breed IDs, when they are purchased from a vendor?  Perhaps I will fly out and buy six of one to check?  I will get back to you on that one.

22 thoughts on “The BiS Pet List

    • LOL I totally blame you for all of this, Ancient! 😉 You started my thoughts down this line!

      Look at me now! I spent my lunch making spreadsheets – spreadsheets for the love of god! – and finding the best of the best all so I can obsess more over my pets, and which ones I do not have yet! Rare? Pfft! I need that in a Rare, S/S, AND of the color blue! 😛 Exhausting!

      ~ Effy

  1. Good grief – you are costing me a lot of printer paper – these last 2 posts are AMAZING – thanks sooooo much. I am now getting totally into the thought of a pet of each sex and each ‘best’ and of course they will all have to be rare….

    Damn you – I’m never going to be able to sleep at night any more. I thought I could rest when I had them all rare, but nooo – you have to go and post this! With a spreadsheet link as well…. argh!

    • LOL I am sorry to laugh, but you are totally echoing the exact same thing I have been thinking lately!

      I was so happy to get my Scourged Whelpling, and here I am a few days later telling him he is just not good enough. I am so horrible! D:

      ~ Effy

      • I am now regretting releasing the uncommon things I had caught because they might have been ‘better’ if I’d upgraded them with a stone…. *whimpers*

      • I know! I was thinking the same thing as I obsessively hunted Darkshore Cubs last night for the “right one.” (AKA In two hours of play, I only got two levels on my Monk who was on her way to quest in Ashenvale – that includes rested AND Monk XP bonuses from the daily.) ><

        ~ Effy

      • Stats aren’t everything, a varied move set is just as important. For example, Lil’ Ragnaros has huge attack power, but all elemental moves will bite him when he fights a critter. Scourged Whelplings rock a few move types, making them worthwhile.

      • Oh absolutely. This list completely ignores what skills a pet uses. Some pets come off as completely unappealing to me in their collection of skills, whereas others seem to have perfect combos.

        ~ Effy

  2. Very nice work. I had noticed a few of these. I was hoping blizzard wouldn’t make incredibly rare pets the best at anything, and yet there are Diablo, Zergling, etc.

    “Dammit Blizz” to quote a certain dwarf.

  3. Effy, Ratters wrote about the purchased pets (In particular the silver dragonhawk hatchling); and indeed, there are different breeds for purchased pets too!

    • Craziness! Oh noes! Now I must go buy all the Dragonhawk Hatchlings until I get the right one! ><

      Thanks for clearing that up. And I will definitely look up Ratter's post. Somehow I missed that!

      ~ Effy

    • Thanks, Navi!

      It was not too much, really. I exported the spreadsheet, separated them by pet type, and took advantage of the sort and filter options. I do not care much for math, but I like spreadsheets. (Spreadsheets do the math for me. hehe) 🙂

      ~ Effy

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  5. BreedIDs seem to be the “In” thing atm. I even submitted my first guide to Wowhead regarding that subject (and a post on my blog recently). Nice rundown on the pets from Warla’s site. I love these easy reference pages as well.

    • They sure do. I wish I had noticed them sooner, I feel I have wasted a number of pet stones on pets I am currently replacing. (Most notably, my Infinite Whelpling, who is one of my favorite pets!) I saw your guide, it was quite comprehensive! I have been debating something similar, but I do not want to post a rehash of what others have been putting up, just make a quick reference for my own selfish purposes. heh

      ~ Effy

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