Pet Battle Addons

Addons - PetTracker UI

Someone asked me about my pet battle addons, and at the time, I only used one: PetTracker.

Since I recently discovered the wonderfulness (and insanity) of Breed IDs, I have added a few.  I figured it was as good a time as any to showcase them real quick.


The skills of the pet I am battling appear above my own pet's skills

The skills of the pet I am battling appear above my own pet’s skills

PetTracker is where the UI for my pet battles comes from.  I like the setup a lot.  It is clean and easy to read.  The skills of the pet I am fighting show up right above my own pet bar.  There is a nice interface and system to view all pet skills through tooltips and the pet switching option – including whether the pet’s skill are strong or weak against the other active pet.

Addons - Upgrades 2

I like that pet upgrades are shown very prominently

When a pet/rarity I do not possess enters a battle, it gives me a very visible notification.  The rarity of the pets I am fighting are very easy to see, in the icon’s border, the pets’ names, and in the health bars of currently inactive pets.

PetTracker updates the journal, giving it search and filter options which are wonderful.

Pet Journal Filters

Pet Journal Filters

Pet Family filters - this is the filter I use the most

Pet Family filters – this is the filter I use the most

Sources Filter

Sources Filter

Sort Options - Default is by Name. Sometimes I sort by Level.

Sort Options – Default is by Name. Sometimes I also sort by Level.

PetTracker also adds options to the map and quest tracker.  I can track pets I am missing and pets I do not have maxed in rarity on the map.

Map filter options

Map filter options – showing pets of which I do not have Rares

The quest tracker lists the current zone’s pets that I am missing, and has a progression bar showing the number of pets in the zone, how many I have, and the distribution of rarities.

Quest Tracker

Quest Tracker

The map and quest tracker options were priceless when I first started, and throughout my main leap through capturing pets.  It is still proving very helpful while I max out their rarities.

There is also an option to jump to a specific pet in the Pet Journal.  You can either do this from the map…

Right-click to jump to a pet in the Pet Journal

Right-click the pet’s dot to jump to it in the Pet Journal

Or from a pet battle…

Right-click the pet's portrait

Right-click the pet’s portrait

About the only thing I could ask for from PetTracker would be minimap tracking and some ability to track one specific pet.  Because pets I have a rare of, but I am trying to capture a better rare, do not show up on the map unless I show all, which makes finding the one I need difficult.

Better Battle Pet Tooltips

Addons - Tooltip

One thing I noticed was missing from PetTracker – although mousing over a battle pet showed me 0/3, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 for each pet, it did not show me what rarity of that pet I had.  Some pets, I would like a rare, but I am not feeling particular about their Breed ID at the moment.

Addons - Minimap Tooltip

This tooltip addon shows me how many I have and the highest rarity.  The tooltip even works on the minimap, which I really like.

Pet Battle Teams

Addons - Pet Journal

I have not gotten the full hang of this addon yet, and perhaps it is because I change my teams too much with pets I am leveling.  But this addon lets me form and save teams, including saving their skills, which is my big downfall.  I hate swapping in a pet, jumping into a pet battle and realizing they have the wrong skills.  The only worse thing is jumping in and realizing half my pets are dead.  heh

Still working with this one.  I will get to playing with it more.  I am already starting to add pet trainer teams, as my leveling of lowbies is slowing down.

Battle Pet BreedID

Addons - Breed ID

This.  This was the big addon that I was looking for when I added a few more to my pet battling arsenal.

The Breed ID addon shows the Breed ID of all of the pets in your journal, including all the possible Breed IDs for that pet in the tooltip.  It also, wonderfully, shows the Breed ID of the pets you are fighting.  This goes for wild battle pets as well as trainer pets.

Tooltip - A pet with only one possible Breed ID (Aqua Strider)

Tooltip – A pet with only one possible Breed ID (Aqua Strider)

Tooltip - Pet with multiple possible Breed IDs (Desert Spider)

Tooltip – Pet with multiple possible Breed IDs (Desert Spider)

By default, it shows the letter versions of each Breed ID, which is my preference, but there are options to change it to the numerical system.

Stats “at 25” shown are for a Rare quality pet.  I believe this is the case no matter what the current quality of the pet.

This addon is proving invaluable to the fine tuning of my team!

~ Effy

Note: I use ElvUI for my UI, so some of the windows may look different for this reason.  I find it clean and easy to modify, with altaholic options that allow me to use the same UI setup over all my toons.  🙂

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