Single-Minded Effy and the Bombshell


I have a tendency to stagnate when I am without a concrete goal to push for.  Similarly, I become very single-minded (obsessed even?) when an important goal does form.  This seems to be complicated by my recent state of mind consisting of self-pity and the general emotional torture I inflict upon myself when I am melancholy.

So, needless to say, my WoW playing has been a rollercoaster lately.  I went from heavily focused on gearing Effy to comfortably complacent to trying to focus on an alt to latching onto the first “goal” that captured my attention (ie. Pet Battles) to being mad at myself for slacking everywhere else.  I was not doing the dailies on Effy I should have.  I was not leveling alts.  I was not working on professions.  I was not making any money.  (In fact, I am hitting rock-bottom in that regard.)

Then, the most absurd idea grasped hold of me, and even before consulting the credulity of the implications of that idea, I ran with it.  I took ownership of it.  I made this idea mine, and my goal.

The Idea

I very much want my Draenei Monk, Ireenia, 90 and NOW.  In fact, I am going to raid with her.

The whole idea is utterly ridiculous, especially considering:

  1. I have NEVER raided with anyone but Effy (except in an “alt run”).
  2. I have a Pandaren Monk at 85 – so close to 90!
  3. Ireenia was Level 30 or so at the time I made this decision.
  4. We are nearing the end of a Tier and UR is currently working on Hard Modes.

So uhm, what am I THINKING??

Thought Process AKA Rationalizing

Okie, try and follow me here.  My point(s) will probably wander.

Our healing team is pretty solid.  The biggest gaping hole in our team is a good Mistweaver Monk.  We started the expansion with an okie Monk.  We recruited a pretty good Monk.  Both are no longer raiding with us.

Now, we are back to recruiting a Monk.

I think I can be a great Monk.

We happen to have two Resto Shaman at the moment, myself being one.  And now we have a third coming on-board.  Our second Shaman is a Pandaren, and therefore frustrates me to no end in a crunch moment where I cannot push out the numbers he can.  At least, not without completely burning through my whole mana pool.

I believe our new Shaman also is a Pandaren.

This extra push of stats pandas get should not effect me so.  I know.  But it does.  It shatters my fragile healer self-esteem.  😛

The thing is…  I have tried numerous different things, but Effy is so comfortable to me that even when I make wee adjustments, they are so awkward that I usually switch back.  I have become TOO comfortable.

For example, the single-target healing thing.  I detest AoE healing with my Shaman anymore.  I hate casting Healing Rain.  I hate resorting to Chain Heal over a few better placed regular or Greater Healing Waves.  They are so mana inefficient and laden with overheals they make me cringe.

I hate overheals.

But then, I severely doubt a Monk will be LOWER in overheals.  Everyone has ridiculous overheals.  Why are overheals so ugly and high right now?  Is it because we run heavy on healers?  Maybe, but I still do not think that is entirely it.  I think it is the climate and setup of raid healing in general.

Even with a full raiding team, I have always been pleased with my low percentages in overheals.  My efficiency.  I thrived in the triage Cata setting, especially with Shaman Mastery to back me up there.  Then, MoP hit, and triage went out the window and we seem back to blanket healing everything.

So it is not the overheal thing.

Maybe it is just because Monks are new and shiny?  But…

I did not raid with a Worgen in Cata.

I did not change Effy to a Dwarf.

I did not change her to a Pandaren come MoP.

So why a Monk?

Well, I played every healer class/spec at max level at some point in Cataclysm.

  • Shaman – Well, that one is obvious, though, it was pretty painful at release.
  • Priest – Okie, so I only really played Disc.  I tried Holy for like four heroics and went insta-OOM and decided screw that.  I ❤ Disc too much.  Disc was a lot of fun, but for some reason the style of it never felt like ME.  Alt-appropriate, but not my main.
  • Paladin – Holy Pallies are fun.  I alt raided on my Pally through much of Dragon Soul.  Once again, she just never felt like ME, and once again, only an alt.
  • Druid – Ugh, I do not even know if I can say enough how much I fail at Druids.  I do not get it.  I have just never been able to play Resto.  I keep trying, and I will likely try again sometime this expansion.

None of them rang true enough to be what I could raid heal on regularly.  Or what I could ever call ME.

Then, Blizzard introduced a new healer class.

Chiyu, my other Monk, was almost right.  I like the style.  I like dynamics and complexity.  I like the way the heals chain together.  But I just could not feel the panda part.

Try #2, Ireenia, is a Draenei.  Why do I even bother with other races?  Really?  You would not think it would make a big difference, but it does.

Add to that, the most superfluous reason – Ireenia is one of my story characters now.  And I am loving her character.  I have learned well before now that my stories = my enjoyment.  Effy’s story is slowing down.  Most of my ideas for her are filling in portions of the past.

It is time for a new story.  Or at least, a new chapter.

Be that in my stories and in raiding.


So far, this whole post seems to be me trying to justify my decision.  I blame Laz, which is ridiculous, because he is not even here to blame.  But seriously, I have spent the last week wondering what he would think about this whole changing mains idea.

I should be beyond caring what he thinks.  ><

But I guess he still tempers my more hair-brained and poorly thought out ideas. My passions overrun me often, and some level-headed logic is what I need.  I guess I should be happy that simply thinking: WWLD? keeps me in check most of the time.

Luckily, even after an unintelligible spewing of reasons throughout this post, I know that this idea is a good one for me.  Even if I cannot seem to form a coherent way of explaining myself.

So why a Monk?  Why now?


Surprisingly, this idea was met with more optimism than I expected.  I kind of expected to get laughed at.  It is the middle of the expansion.  I am a tried and true Shaman healer.  Other stuff…  But it is pretty much set in stone now, and just waiting for me to finish leveling and gearing and plain step up.

Scary and exciting.

The Plan

Now, on to what I am actually doing when I am not obsessing about this at work, where I cannot do and can only think.

This weekend consisted of a blistering pace from Level 47 to Level 84.  I ran dungeon after dungeon after dungeon until Level 80.  Monk daily quests and the class quests every 10 levels helped with their bonus XP, but obviously since I powered through in a few days, much of my leveling was not with Monk bonuses.  I also took advantage of the Merry-go-Round at the Darkmoon Faire for as long as possible.  Add to this full BoAs, including the Dread Pirate Ring, and I was making some good bonus XP.

About 77 or so, the queues started slowing down considerably and I actually started working on some professions.  I decided on Leatherworking and Enchanting.  Both of which I have on other toons, but since those toons are not max level or maxed in professions or raiding, I figured it was pretty inconsequential.  Up to that point, I did not spend much more than ten minutes in queue as a healer.

At Level 80, I dropped the dungeons, and threw on my meager agility gear.  It was time to learn to Windwalk.

Can I just say that HOLY CRAP Draenei look awesome doing every single Monk ability!  Wow!

At first, questing was painful, but I quickly got into my groove.  And as I got more agility gear, that helped too!  One of my guildies also made the suggestion of the Chi Wave talent for soloing, and that helped me A LOT.  Much better survivability.

I have a Cata quest path that works very well for me:

  • Mt Hyjal: Level 80-82 – If you remember opening up the Molten Front dailies for alts, I quested right until I met with Aessina and healed the Regrowth, before moving to the east side of the map with Tortolla.
  • Deepholm: Level 82-83 – I quested until I received the quest “That’s Not a Pyramid!” from the gnomes in the Temple of the Earth. Basically, I got the two pieces of the World Pillar, and did not do any of the Therazane quests.  Hahaha, take that, Therazane!
  • Uldum: Level 83-84 – I hit 84 right about the time King Phaoris voted to start the war, without doing the Harrsion Jones quests.
  • Twilight Highlands: Level 84-85 – This is a pretty easy run that goes through running around with Anduin, opening up the TH portal and a few quests for the dwarves after that.  It is made even quicker with some friends to help you through the Crucible of Carnage, which is really good XP.

Once I hit Level 85, I plan to run a similar circuit through Pandaria.  I am not sure how much questing in each zone that will mean, but I will likely skip Krasarang Wilds, and zoom ahead to Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes as quickly as possible.  Starting my Shado-Pan and Klaxxi rep early is going to be key.

At 90, I will be starting my legendary questline ASAP.  Then, I will be hard-hitting Klaxxi and Golden Lotus dailies – all the way to Exalted for the jewelry.  And it will be lots of heroics and LFR runs.  Whee!

Wow, it feels kind of like I have done all this before…

So, uhh, yah…  Surprise!

~ Effy

10 thoughts on “Single-Minded Effy and the Bombshell

  1. I noticed Ireenia charging through stuff this past week 😀
    Do you have any tips on Mistweaver healing? I was playing with my Monk this weekend, too, and when I went to run a dungeon after not having done one since early Outland, I felt a little overwhelmed — where did all my mana go? help-help!

    • At first, I was using Spinning Crane Kick on everything, just cuz it is so cool and heals and damages. But it also uses up mana real fast.

      There is a more efficient (and more dynamic, which kept me engaged) way with a combination of Renewing Mist and Uplift. Renewing Mist spreads a HoT, and Uplift heals everyone with the HoT. I made it through BC and Wrath blanketing with Renewing Mist, using either Soothing Mist or Jab to keep my Chi up, and using Uplift like crazy. It was very effective for AoE healing in 5man dungeons. And using a lot of Chi keeps up your Mana Tea, which is much quicker for regen than drinking.

      We will see how it translates to heroics and ultimately 25mans. 🙂

      Hope that helps some!

      ~ Effy

  2. Awsome plan. 🙂 My monk is Windwalker, but from what I have heard monk healing is “smart healing”, and should be less overhealing.
    You are so right about female draenei monk animation. It’s almost unfair to the other races that draenei got all the looks, elegancy, high morales and the coolness factor…

    • Thanks! Yah, I have been playing as Windwalker while questing and it is actually a lot of fun! (I still like healing more, though, just for the record. lol) You are right about the smart heal thing, but I think with Uplift there is a big potential to “catch up” with overheals. 🙂 That heals for a lot, and it heals people with the Renewing Mists HoT. We shall see.

      I still have to throw this out there that, as a Shaman, I am thoroughly annoyed by the Jade Serpent Statue. A 15 minute healing “totem”? Really? I realize it is technically just a heal buff, but it copies heals “smartly” which is to say it heals in a way similar to a totem. :/

      Yah, I mentioned to my Monk guildie that Draenei look cool doing Monk moves, and he corrected me: Draenei just look cool. 🙂

      ~ Effy

    • It seems I am very persuasive lately! I will be posting something more comprehensive on Monk healing once I reach 90, for sure. In fact, I might include something about Windwalkers.

      Oh, and I will be posting some outfits for Ireenia soon! 😀

      ~ Effy

    • Oh, Effy is not going far (just back to Laz), and lord knows it would be silly to change my pseudonym (even more silly than it was to change my blog – oh well, hindsight=20/20)! She will tell be getting stories here and there as I flesh out what happened inbetween the flashback and the “present” of As the Sun Sets. (Still working on that Undying Resolution piece.)

      Ireenia is pretty exciting for me, though. I am going to make all the true RPers cringe – I am going to roleplay a dragon! Dun dun dun! Woot! (Oh, wait, shhh. No one is suppose to know she is a dragon. Except all you insiders here on my blog.) 😉 I am actually already working on the followup to Darkness Before the Dawn, with some introduction for Ireenia. I am pretty excited about it. I am currently trying to give her a separate personality from Effy, but obviously, since she still represents me, not too different.

      As for raiding, there will be some trial and error, and I will be sure to capture as much here as possible. Monk healing is so very very different. Expect some State of the Raiders soon! (Especially since we are now 3/16 in Heroic!!)

      ~ Effy

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