The Day That Must Not Be Named

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Okie, okie, so Valentine’s Day is not THAT big of a deal.  But I would like to skip over this whole holiday more than a lil bit.  I thought I should at least acknowledge today, though, despite the fact I have been dreading it for more than a week now.

I do not mind being single, but being reminded about it by an overblown holiday that I barely pay attention even when I AM in a relationship is just… annoying.  So to celebrate, what am I doing?  Listen to sappy love and break up songs.  And what does that mean for my blog?  I am going to share some with you all!

Flight Facilities – Crave You

Bent – I Can’t Believe It’s Over

Above and Beyond (w/Zoe Johnston) – Alchemy

Mr. Sam (w/Rani) – Surrender

While listening to various sappy music, I was reminded of a mixed compilation I made for my car way back in 2008.  Surprisingly, I was single at the time as well.  😛  And not surprisingly, the CDs are all still great music.  The playlist could use some updating, though, because some are not very good for singing in the car.  (Darn it!)

Hrmm, too many for me to want to link them all…

Disc One

  1. Bjork – Possibly Maybe
  2. Chicane – Offshore
  3. Enigma – By the Moon
  4. Kaskade – In This Life
  5. Moby – Where You End
  6. Morcheeba – Everyone Loves a Loser
  7. Paul Oakenfold – Faster Kill Pussycat
  8. Skye – All the Promises
  9. VAST – I Don’t Have Anything
  10. Conjure One (w/Sinead O’Connor) – Tears from the Moon
  11. Lol Hammond – Baby Piano
  12. Late Night Alumni – Beautiful
  13. Bjork – I Miss You
  14. Above and Beyond (w/Zoe Johnston) – No One on Earth
  15. Blue October – 18th Floor Balcony

Disc Two

  1. Bent – Sunday 29th
  2. Chicane – Saltwater
  3. Coldplay – Trouble
  4. Conjure One – Center of the Sun
  5. Delerium (w/Rani) – Fallen
  6. Enigma – In the Shadow, In the Light
  7. Mirwais (w/Madonna) – Paradise (Not for Me)
  8. Massive Attack – Protection
  9. Kaskade – Everything
  10. Moby – When it’s Cold I like to Die
  11. Morcheeba – Fear and Love
  12. Patrick Marsh and Michael Steep – My Lovin’
  13. Skye – Stop Complaining
  14. Olive – You’re Not Alone
  15. The Cure – A Thousand Hours

Disc Three

  1. Above and Beyond (w/Zoe Johnston) – Good for Me
  2. Armin Van Buuren (w/Justine Suissa) – Burned with Desire (Rising Star Mix)
  3. Bjork – The Bachlorette
  4. Bent – Swollen
  5. Chicane – Ordinary Morning
  6. Coldplay – Yellow
  7. Conjure One – Sleep (Solarstone Afterhours Mix)
  8. Motorcycle – As the Rush Comes (Gabriel and Dresden Chill Mix)
  9. Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun
  10. Skye – Love Show
  11. The Sugarcubes – Birthday
  12. Above and Beyond – Home (Club Mix)
  13. Bjork – Hyperballad
  14. Moby – My Weakness

Two of the Moby songs – When it’s Cold I Like to Die and My Weakness – made it onto this compilation because they are two songs that are absolutely incredible when played on a decent car stereo system really loud.  They just absolutely surround you with incredible music.  I do not so much need lots of bass, just immersion.  🙂

Maybe at some point I will update this playlist…

I think I will continue to be a sappy music raid night.  (Too bad my Monk is seeing no leveling while I play with music in the meantime!)

And this post got way too long.  lol

~ Effy


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