Maximum Monk! (Ding 90!)

Ding - 90

Sunday sometime around midday, my Monk hit Level 90!  I have to give some big thanks to a few of those who accompanied me along the way…

  • Amowrath, who did many many dungeons with me with his own Monk, mostly through the starter dungeons (20ish) and the Wrath bracket.
  • Ranico, who ran me through normal dungeons and helped me reach my iLevel goal for LFR!  (Though, I still think he did them just as much to flex his OP Death Knight muscles.)  😉
  • And the biggest thanks to my partner of Levels 87-90 – Finalflame.  He joined me on his Warlock all weekend, and there was much music and chit chat to be had, which made the questing so much easier.  He also leveled through dungeons with Amo and I on his Monk around the 20-30 area.

Instant Gratification iLevel

Ding - Ireenia

Above is Ireenia as of 11pm or so last night!

I already had some pieces lined up for when I hit Level 90!

  • 496 Chest and Gloves – With the help of my GM, Mindalen, and some of our guild Leatherworkers, I had the 496 chest and gloves ready to go.
  • 450 Trinket – The Ghost Iron Dragonling trinket, with some further help from Final.

After I hit Level 90, I was in a hurry to get some more higher item level pieces!

  • 450 Weapon – The Arena of Annihilation gives an iLevel 450 weapon from the quest there.  This scenario is basically the current expansion’s Crucible of Carnage.  Only three people are needed for scenarios, and this one was quite easy as fresh 90’s with all DPS specs.  (Thanks to Lissanna for coming with us!)
  • 476 Boots – A quickly thrown together Sha kill was all it took to get the Claw quest item (remember to loot the corpse!) and turn it in at Shado-Pan Garrison for a pair of 476 epic boots!
  • 480 Necklace – Love is in the Air is currently going on, and the holiday dungeon drops 480 epic necklaces.  I was quick to pickup a caster (non-spirit) version, but I have yet to see the healer (w/spirit) version drop.
  • 450 Rings – Jewelcrafters can make iLevel 450 rings, and they are not Unique Equip, so I picked up two of these.
  • 476 Staff – I thought about sticking with my one hand weapon and a 476 offhand Mindy also got me, but I remembered a stack of Scrolls of Wisdom in my Shaman’s bags and thought maybe it was time to make the Inscription Staff.  There is a 424 Rain Poppy Staff that can be made and then upgraded to the Inscribed Crane Staff.  It is Bind on Account, so you cannot sell it, but I can repurpose it to another caster (likely my Priest eventually) once Ireenia is wielding better.
  • 475 Trinket – Ranico was benevolent and beyond gracious enough to pick me up a Relic of Chi Ji.  I was pretty floored, as when he asked if there was anyway he could help me reach 460 to do LFR I was mostly joking when I mentioned it.  It is from a full desk of Darkmoon Cards of the Mist, and though I have Scrolls of Wisdom, they take mucho Starlight Ink and are totally random.  Not to mention, the quest for turning the desk into a trinket is only available when the Darkmoon Faire is in town.  I was happy for some instant gratification instead.

I was not too lucky with heroic drops, but I did pick a cloak and belt.  And I picked up some offspec agility gear.

It seems everyone was pretty happy to help out with running heroics and putting their lives into the young hands of my undergeared Monk.  😉  Big, big thanks to Finalflame, Ranico, Otoka, Pawnfu, Amowrath, Aesadonna, and Beefbus!  And of course to anyone I may have unintentionally missed!

Professions and Enchanting Gear

Okie, yah, still working on Ireenia’s professions.  I decided on Leatherworking and Enchanting, and I am hitting snags with both toward the end of Vanilla levels.  :/  Looking forward to getting over the hump and starting on BC and forward.

I cannot wait to be able to enchant her wrists and rings!

As for readying her current gear, I decided to do enchantments, gems, and such on everything that was at least Heroic (463 iLevel) gear.  My BoA staff does not have Jade Spirit, only Windsong.  I might debate putting Jade Spirit on it once I have Ireenia’s Enchanting maxed, since I can reuse it with other toons.

That is all for now.  Time to get cranking on more heroics and dailies!

~ Effy

BTW, I have to say I am so so glad I finally have a Level 90 on my second account.  Now, I can do dailies with Effy and Ireenia at the same time!  😀

Ding - Effy and Ireenia

9 thoughts on “Maximum Monk! (Ding 90!)

  1. Grats. 🙂 I changed mains to monk some months ago too, and reading this reminds me of the rush I felt both with planning her, and executing the plan. (RAF, leveling, gearing, professions etc.) Hope you keep enjoying her. 🙂

    • Thanks! And actually, since I am so enamored with the idea of finally having a leather-wearing Draenei, I am in the process of piecing together a more risque set. One her Mum would never approve of!

      ~ Effy

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