Toxic Wasteling!

Toxic WastelingWoot!  No Spirit necklace yet, but a pet that in my 3 years I have yet to receive until today!  I thought Schmutz was an appropriate name.

Oh, and this is Ireenia’s work-in-progress outfit.  Still working on the shoulders.

~ Effy

10 thoughts on “Toxic Wasteling!

  1. Ermagerd I *love* that leather top, and am always so mad that I cannot get it on any of my Hordies.

    I was excited to get the Wasteling until I realized that at some point in the past months, I had bought the darn thing.

    • Yah, as soon as I saw it on her, I knew I had to make a transmog for it! It looks incredible on a Draenei!

      Oh noes! At least now you can sell one and make your gold back. 🙂

      ~ Effy

    • The chest is the Leather Tunic of Eminent Domain. It was from the early, early Jade Forest quests.

      And yah, I really like the shoulders. They work well for having come randomly out of my bank. hehe But I am currently working toward some Monk PvP shoulders.

      ~ Effy

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