Scary Chick

Scary Chick - Sifaol 1

So without vote or really consulting anyone else, I have come to the conclusion that my Worgen Priest, Sifaol, has the scariest laugh in WoW.  I cannot even think of a raid boss that has a scarier laugh… Don’t let that dainty pose fool you.

Srsly, check it out…

Like I said, scary.

Scary Chick - Sifaol 2

In fact, Sif is just plain scary.  So make sure you keep her on your good side, seeing as she is probably healing you.  😛

~ Effy


5 thoughts on “Scary Chick

  1. LOL I did play a worgan druid 1-85 and I guess I was in such a hurry to get there I really never paid much attention to her laugh but your totally right, creepy!!

    • I blame my dungeon partner yesterday – Amowrath. He kept making me laugh, and in turn making her laugh, and every time it creeped me out. lol I may have even threatened to make her a Draenei at one point…

      ~ Effy

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