5 thoughts on “Why We Mog

  1. OH hahaha – I love it. Even the Worgens facial expression is like, “Get me out of these frivolous clothes…now.” I have a similar post about Transmog sporting a particular pair of spiky shoulder numbers that were just, well, silly. In that post I talked about wanting features that expanded on ordinary transmog, so that we could choose the exact cut/shape/colour of our gear (to a point) – wouldn’t that be awesome? Features where you could select from options such as, “sparkle, metallic finish, glowing, blood stained, torn, muddy” etc. Wouldn’t *that* be cool?

    • Yah, I agree. I do not need a dance studio. I would prefer a dressing room/studio. 🙂 Actually, all I really need is dye. There are so many things that are so close to right, but not quite, and some color options would be icing on the cake. But I suppose that would throw all the Tier sets and recolors into a serious kerfluffle, eh?

      ~ Effy

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