Birfday Present

He's pink!

He’s pink!

On top of the awesome Happy Birthday video he left in my comments, my friend and guildie Amowrath also gave me this lil guy for a present.  So obviously, I had to name him Amo.  ❤

Thanks, Amo!  😀

~ Effy

5 thoughts on “Birfday Present

  1. That is so sweet of your guildie to get you a present! – Can you use it as a battle pet? (you know someone is a wow player when they say, “Nice pet – can it fight?”) hahah.

    • The Mulgore Hatchling is most definitely a battle pet! In fact, he is an S/S Critter with some interesting abilities. I will have to try him out and get back to you. 🙂

      ~ Effy

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