Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday

Yay!  Another year older!  Hey, wait a minute…

But seriously.  Today is my birthday!  Oddly enough, it is also very close to Effy’s birthday.  I do not know the exact date, because I cannot seem to find my purchase of WoW on my Battlenet account.  :/  I know she was created the day I bought WoW and Burning Crusade, because I really, really wanted to make a Draenei Shaman.  (While I was still doing the trial, I had started a lil Night Elf Druid named Rosaelyn.)

Another year, and another year of WoW.

Effy reached Level 10 on 3/13/2010.  So I am pretty sure she was created that day or the day before.

That makes Effy a Pisces too!

~ Effy

P.S. – If anyone knows a more precise way to look up what date I created a character, please let me know!


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