Ding x2!

Ding! DK-Effy!

Ding! DK-Effy!

Ding! Sifaol!

Ding! Sifaol!


I got DK-Effy and Sifaol to 90 in the wee hours of the morning.  (Stubbornness.)  That makes Level 90’s number 4 and 5!

But wait…  No Quintessential Quintet?  <reads the fine print>  Oh, bugger.  “Reach maximum level with five DIFFERENT CLASSES.”  Details, details.  Two DK’s do not count.  :/  Back to leveling Lazheward…  Or perhaps I need to level a Horde?  <looks at her hunter uneasily>

Ironically (AKA quite frustrating at 3am) Sifaol’s questline bugged out at 99%.  (Klaxxi quests…  Bugged out…  Waits for the horrible puns from gchat.)  So I put in a ticket and ran around in circles, killing everything.  Thankfully, I came upon a random sparkly!  Ding!  And I promptly went to bed.  🙂

Oh ello, Klaxxi.  I apparently just love you guys SO MUCH that I want to do MORE of your dailies!  D:

~ Effy

90% of the sprites in Pandaria are tiny lil trolls, but these guys from the Beergarden quests are cool.  Wee!

90% of the sprites in Pandaria are tiny lil trolls, but these guys from the Beergarden quests are cool. Wee!


6 thoughts on “Ding x2!

    • Hmm, well, I have a few things in the works right now. My Prot Pally is 88, though, so he will likely be my next 90. I am debating catching my Druid up to him first, and leveling them the rest of the way together. We will see. But I have some wee ones I am fiddling with too. I started (technically restarted) my Holy Pally, who I may pair with my pink-haired Gnome Warrior. (Tallest race with shortest race? Awesome!) I also have my Warlock who has been seeing some attention just recently – he is 45-ish ATM.

      I am having fun trying to determine why each of my pairs would be leveling together too. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  1. Gratz!! Two at once, nice – my comp can’t handle two at once anymore which such a shame since it’s fairly new. I guess I chose pretty badly. I’ve got for four at 90 so far and two more at 85, I think my I’ll be working my horde priest up next =}

    • Hmm, yah, I keep telling myself I should work on my Troll Hunter. But the Hunter got faction changed at max level last expansion because I rarely play Horde and I rarely play my Hunter, and I wanted to character to group with my Horde friends… I am an awful Hunter, though.

      ~ Effy

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