5.2 Battle Pets!

5_2 Pets - Pet Battle

So I have read all this stuff about 5.2 on elite battle pets and raid drop pets and fishing pets, but I must have missed the part about new battle pets!  It became imperative for me to capture each of these guys.  I swear, I still did my new Kirin Tor Offensive dailies!  (See the rep in the screenshot above!?)  But there was some pet battling on the side…  No rares, but I found four, which all look awesome!  The MOST awesome part?  The new Thunder Isle has some blue theme going on, of which I strongly approve!

Electrified Razortooth

Electrified Razortooth – This guy is too awesome and probably my Shaman’s new sidekick.

Thundertail Flapper

Thundertail Flapper – An electric beaver??

Elder Python

Elder Python – A very nice updated snake look.

Swamp Croaker

Swamp Croaker

On a strange aside, I know Navimie was talking the other day about how horrible and boxy frog pets are…  Well, apparently Blizzard was thinking the same and gave us a new frog model!  This lil guy looks great!  (And he comes in blue!)

~ Effy

Afterthought: I thought the dark blue/purple background inside the Shrine would be a good backdrop, but it seems too dark.  The lil Razortooth guy looks great, but I will probably have to take some better pics later…  After some sleep.  🙂  And they need names, which is not happening while I am this tired.  hehe  But they all look great with Effy’s T14 set!


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