Oondasta! - Scary Face

So yesterday, it came to our attention that the new 5.2 world boss Oondasta was up!  This was the first I had even heard of anyone seeing him!  So obviously a large group of us ran over to the Isle of Giants to go get our shots in, hoping there was still room in the raid group…

Oondasta! - People

It turns out, there were FOUR raid groups, with a fifth just being formed!

Oondasta! - Dead People

There were already corpses everywhere, as apparently our fellow Elunites had been making attempts as they gathered more people.

Oondasta! - Dead 1

Oondasta is truly an epic encounter.  He has tank-killer abilities as well as raid-wiping mechanics.

Even with five 40man raids formed, it took us THREE TRIES to down Oondasta.

Tank Killers - Giving need to several more tanks than usual, since the debuff lasts 1 minute.

Tank Killer!

Alpha Male – Helps tanks hold aggro, since Oondasta is immune to taunts.

Crush – A very hefty tank debuff with a very hefty timer.  At 500K damage per hit, I don’t imagine many tanks could stack this debuff.  🙂  The Crush ability gives need to several more tanks than usual, since the debuff lasts 1 minute.  But at least tanks can keep threat thanks to Alpha Male – while they are alive, at least. heh

Raid-wipe mechanics.... So many ways to die!

Raid-wipe mechanics…. So many ways to die!

Frill Blast – A very large frontal cone attack.  Don’t be anywhere near his face or sides.

Piercing Roar – STOP CASTING before this goes off, or it will lock out your spells from that school.

Splitfire Beam – Mandatory 10 yard range from all other players when this is cast.  This is like a great big, very painful Chain Lightning, that INCREASES in damage after each jump!  This skill is the biggest problem, seeing as keeping 25 people spread out is tough, keeping 40 people spreadout is even harder, and keeping FIVE RAID GROUPS spreadout is damn near impossible, since the /range only shows you raid members.  Ouchy!

Growing Fury – On top of all his other abilities, he gains a stacking damage buff over time, which means even though the graveyard was close to where we fought him, rez’ing was quickly followed by getting one-shot again.  lol

Deaths quickly turned into 2 minute rez timers, and so most of the fight, my view was like this…

Oondasta! - Dead 2

Oondasta! - Dead 3

In fact, when he died, I was still waiting out one of the 2 minute rez timers…  But!  I healed all the things (when I was not dead), I got the kill, and I was witness to a truly epic encounter!


The epicness that is Oondasta, is seen here as captured by the wonderful Martiean!  He had been running some 10man Heart of Fear with us when the news came across that Oondasta was up!

BTW, Marti even has a belt named after him now!

~ Effy


7 thoughts on “Oondasta!

  1. That, was SO fun! Even with all the death and carnage. Oh, and I like the action shot you got of my hunter in the 4th screenie. I think I died a millisecond after you took that hahaha. All I have to say is good thing for mounts with repair vendors on em’! 😉

    • That really WAS a lot of fun! Thank goodness for the close graveyard and the mounts, even though most of my rez timers were 2 minutes. It was brutal trying to stay alive and 10 yards away from everyone, when only a tiny portion of people were showing up on my range finder.

      ~ Effy

    • Yah, just that tank-killer was crazy, because it was seeming common for Oondasta to whip around and decimate the melee. Our guild bear tank was trying to just kitty DPS, but she ended up tanking about 1/2 of our attempts it seemed. lol

      Yah, I could not help getting pics, especially while dead. The first one, the one you used in your post, was actually AFTER Oondasta was dead, and somehow he bugged out on my screen and stayed alive. Most of the rest of my guildies mentioned he was dead on the ground, but yay! for visual bugs! So that shot was taken without fear of aggroing him!

      ~ Effy

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