SotR: Snakes in a Raid

Sneaky lil buggers...

Sneaky lil buggers…

The last week of Tier 14, I raided on my Monk.  It gave me a chance beyond LFR to finally test whether all my hard work would prove fruitful.  With the Monk healing style, and my former incarnation as a Resto Shaman, the idea of healing a 25man raid was daunting.  I can blanket a 5man or a 10man with Renewing Mist without too much difficulty.  But would its target limit severely gimp me with the other 15 or so people it would NOT hit?

This and many other questions plagued me.

The biggest of those “other questions” being: How gimp am I going to heal while still in a few blues against my guildie healers who are all starting to get Heroic gear?

Luckily, they were all fights I was familiar with on my Shaman.  I might not know them on my Monk, but I did know where and when pushing myself would be needed and where I could sit back and topoff.

And I held my own.  And I stayed alive on Heroic bosses.

Our last week of Tier 14 was a positive one for me.

Fast forward another week to patch 5.2, and the introduction of the Isle of Thunder and the Throne of Thunder…

I'm doing dailies, really

I’m doing dailies, really

I am currently 7 for 7 on doing Isle of Thunder dailies with my Monk.  🙂  This is partly thank Finalflame for, as he and I have been keeping each other going with these, even when we really don’t want to.

And no, I do not pet battle while I am grouped.  😛  I save that for my other toons doing dailies.

BTW, the Isle of Thunder dailies are great for dual-boxing – no collection quests!  I love it!

Oh, sorry.  Raiding post.  Raiding post.  Focus.

First Impressions

A first look at Jin'Rokh

A first look at Jin’Rokh

I really wish I would have taken this screenshot a few seconds before, when Jin’Rokh first came into view and and started flailing around and conjuring lightning to try and impress us all.  Okie, probably to scare us all.  But I was impressed.  And I was momentarily captivated away from my PrintScreen button.  Darn you, Jin’Rokh.

Let me first say: I read and watched strats for four boss encounters before raiding this week.  As soon as I was done, I think my head exploded.  Four strats at once was a lot to take in, especially for someone who knows she will not retain it once I walk into the room.  That was a lot of mechanics to keep straight.  Thank goodness for second monitor, and pre-pull reminders.

As usual, a pull or two and I was good and settled into my dancing and healing rotations.

JinRokh came to us fairly easily.  The only real important factor is puddles AKA when to stand in them and when not to.  Oh, and what stuff to run away from.

I was not impressed with my healing output, but my gear still sucks.  And in my defense, I LITERALLY ran Terrace of Endless Spring SEVEN times this week trying to replace my last few blues.  The Elder Charms from the treasure trove scenario were great – if only they actually amounted to shoulders.  I suppose I cannot complain too much – Ireenia got her Sha-touched staff, Jin’ya, and her Spirits of the Sun Trinket.

I am still so undergeared.  <cry>

Horridon Trash Aside

So I am not sure how I missed taking any screenshots of the trash between Jin’Rokh and Horridon…  Oh yah!  I was too busy dying to snakes, stacking healing debuffs and being punted to my death by wind plus invulnerable spirit trolls!  <blink>

It was like fighting Ultraxion trash with ridiculous damage and debuffs while on an elevator while Lei Shi is having a tantrum.  Yah…  Oh, yah, plus stealthy snakes.

I truly believe this is Blizzard’s big middle finger to everyone who has ever complained about anything.  😛

This past week, it was scary and amusing.  I imagine in another few weeks it will just be ridiculously obnoxious.  Oh, and I cannot WAIT to see this in LFR this week.  /sarcasm



Horridon is a super cool looking, giant blue and purple triceratops!

His fight has a crapload of mechanics to pay attention to.  Basically, we learned what the basic mechanics of all troll triceratops are – double-swipe and charge.  This actually helped me later in the week with rares and the scenario that opened the second part of the Isle!

The biggest two things to remember with triceratops fights:

  1. They are dragons AKA never stand in front or behind them.
  2. Sidestep/strafe the charge to win!

So apparently fighting a gigantic dinosaur is not enough, and there need to be hordes of trolls to deal with as well.  More specifically, four tribes of trolls.  Oh, and each of those troll tribes have different annoying mechanics – quicksand, stacking poison debuffs, swirling frost orbs of death, and warbears, respectively.  Of course.

I had no real difficulty settling into my heals here either, once the majority of the mechanics that affected me and where spikes in damage would land were identified.

Horridon counted for the remainder of our Wednesday night raid.

Ironically, Thursday night – we one shot him!

The Elder Council

The Elder Council

The rest of Thursday’s night’s raid was learning the mechanics of the Council of Elders fight.  If I had previously thought Horridon had a lot of separate mechanics to manage during the encounter… it was NOTHING compared to this fight!

This fight is a council of four trolls.  Each of the trolls have their own abilities they cast throughout the fight.  Also, none of the health pools are shared as we have grown accustomed to with fights like Omnotron and Stone Guardians.  Its more like good ol’ Karazhan and the Moroes fight.  (Which, sadly, I never saw as current content, but I bet it was epic.)  The main difference was that killing them fairly evenly was necessary.

To add an interesting kink to this fight, we see the return of a troll we might fondly remember from Mogu’Shan Vaults – Gara’jal!  (He did say he would be back!)  He appears in spirit form, and spends the fight possessing each of the four council members one at a time.  While possessed, the council members have DIFFERENT abilities, similar to but different from those they have throughout the fight.  Doing 25% of their damage to them is what it takes to kick Gara’jal out of his current host.  It is pretty imperative to do this quickly, as the council members gain a dark energy the longer they are possessed.  If their energy reaches 100, they begin to do massive amounts of damage to the whole raid.  Ouchy.

This fight, I tested out my single-target healing ability.  I was actually pretty impressed.  I was able to keep Ranico up through a lot, with the occasional help of a tank cooldown for when he was stunned.

The council counted for the remainder of our Thursday night raid.

Ironically, Sunday night – we one shot them!  (Am I seeing a strange pattern here?)

SotR - Snakes in a Raid - Tortos


Tortos is a giant stone turtle.  (And he’s BLUE!  “I have a turtle, he’s blue!”)  He appears to be stuck in the wall, which makes him a little ornery.  He gets even more ornery if no one is in bite and clobber range.  hehe



It took a few attempts to get the spinning turtles under control and to correctly time punting them at Tortos to interrupt his raid-wipe mechanic – Furious Stone Breath.  (Yah, that was one-shotting me!)  But once that was under control, the attempts progressed quickly to a kill.

There were not a ridiculous amount of mechanics to this fight, but personally, I found this fight most frustrating.  There is a lot of stuff to move out of – spinning turtles and falling pieces of ceiling, mainly – which makes it necessary to not only watch your feet, but also watch throughout the room.  The spinning turtles tend to move around the room very erratically.

As a Monk, the majority of my single-target healing is focused around my Soothing Mist, which is channeled.  This already makes movement more complicated than I am used to.  Add on top of that, it also jerks the positioning of my screen around when my target is moving or when I change targets to someone standing in a different spot.  I found it HUGELY disorienting in this fight, and it caused me a great deal of headache and also resulted in my largest number of deaths on any of our bosses.  😦

But Sunday night, Tortos went down and made for an exciting end to our first raid week in Throne of Thunder!

~ Effy

And now for kill shots!  Undying Resolution downed FOUR bosses in the first week of Throne of Thunder!!  Awesome job, everyone!

Wednesday - Jin'Rokh down!

Wednesday – Jin’Rokh down!

Thursday - Horridon down!

Thursday – Horridon down!

Sunday - Council down!

Sunday – Council down!

Sunday - Tortos down!

Sunday – Tortos down!

2 thoughts on “SotR: Snakes in a Raid

  1. Hehe, I must say the two bosses you oneshot at start of raid made for cleaner kill shots. 🙂 Grats on a good start in ToT! We only did 1, but have hope for Horridon this week. 🙂

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