What’s in a Name? Part 2

WiaN2 - Character Select

After writing my post “What’s in a Name?” it started me thinking on all of the origins of my toons’ names.  I thought a quick breakdown would be fun, and it also gives me an excuse to write an update on my various toons.  Where I was able, I linked their character page as well as their WoW Armory page.


Account #1

EffraetiLevel 90 Draenei Shaman (Restoration/Elemental)

  • Name Origin: From the word “efrit” or “ifrit” a type of fiery demon or djinn.
  • Status: Effy is languishing…  There is no other way to put it.  I have been playing on her as much as possible, even to the point of her bouncing between AFK and not while I do things on other toons.  (Mainly, Ireenia.  <sigh> )  She has been spending most of her time pet battling and leveling various pets.  I am trying to keep her moving through LFR and getting VP, but the degradation of her gear is starting to show.  But she is still my main, dammit.

SifaolLevel 90 Worgen Priest (Discipline/Shadow)

  • Name Origin: From Celtic, meaning “she wolf.”  I had this name and toon picked out as soon as Cataclysm and Worgen were announced.
  • Status: As a daughter of House Wolfsbane, Sifaol has no worries about disappearing.  (Even if I DO threaten her with a race change every time she laughs!)  But she is currently sitting at 90, tending her farm, and doing her daily cloth research.  Currently, I am having trouble deciding how to go about gearing and maintaining my 90 alts.

SolaesNight Elf Druid (Feral)

  • Name Origin: From the more common word “Solace” and pronounced as such.
  • Status: Solaes is currently pet battling trainers on a near-daily basis.  She is very slowly gaining some XP from it.  Since she cannot fly in Pandaria, she is mostly doing the non-Pandaria trainers.  ~106K XP per pop is making progress very slow, but at least she is regularly getting XP.

Chíyu (ALT+161) – Pandaren Monk (Mistweaver)

  • Name Origin: From the Chinese word “chiyu” meaning “kiss” or “healing.”
  • Status: Yes, yes.  I have two high-level Monks.  And yes, both are Mistweavers.  I started Chiyu with the intention of her being my sole Monk, and I added her to Lycaohn’s story.  But I have realized I don’t really like Pandaren.  :/  So, I went back to Draenei for Ireenia.

CaeridwenLevel 90 Night Elf Death Knight (Blood)

  • Name Origin: From “Ceridwen” the Celtic goddess of rebirth.
  • Status: Poor Caeridwen.  She has always been my main DK.  She has traveled from server to server with me.  But I finally decided that DK-Effy should be my main DK, and so Caeridwen is left to farm and mine.

AeroraDraenei Paladin (Holy)

  • Name Origin: (See Aerora below)
  • Status: This particular Aerora’s future is uncertain, as I recently started another Aerora on Auchindoun (below).

Gæladrial (ALT+145) – Worgen Druid (Feral)

  • Name Origin: From “Galadriel” an elf in the Lord of the Rings.
  • Status: Gaeladrial is the matron of House Wolfsbane, and in-game recently became my main bank toon.  She is GM of Children of Greymane, named for their story “guild” and my new personal bank space.  (Because I needed more room for my crap, right?)  😛

AmaerisWorgen Hunter (Beast Mastery)

  • Name Origin: This name is actually from a werewolf name generator!  (Though, admittedly, I conformed it to my preferred naming convention and added the “e” after the “a.”)
  • Status: Amaeris is a member of House Wolfsbane, and therefore a very important character of mine.  Speaking of which, House Wolfsbane has not seen the light of day in a while…  I should do something about that.

Piotr – Human Paladin

  • Name Origin: From a Polish version of Greek name “Peter,” meaning “rock.”
  • Status: A story character that might some day be revived.  I had grandiose ideas of making a comic, which never got very far, because it was about the time I quit WoW at the end of Cataclysm.

Maeyv – Human Mage

  • Name Origin: From “Medb” or “Maeve” a mythical queen of Connacht.
  • Status: Maeyv is a story character I have currently lost track of, but not forgotten.  Her story was going well, but the lightbulb for the next chapter in her adventure has not smacked me over the top of the head yet.  Some brainstorming might be in her future.  Though she has an incarnation on Wyrmrest Accord still, I have not officially started her on Elune, because I was actually using Sifaol for all of her screenshots.

Account #2

WiaN2 - Character Select 2

IreeniaLevel 90 Draenei Monk (Mistweaver/Windwalker)

  • Name Origin: From the more common Slavic name “Irina” meaning “peace” and pronounced as such.
  • Status: Ireenia is my main raider.  I say main raider, and not main, because that is what she is.  I raid with her, I do all I need to make/keep her raid ready, but Effy will forever and always be my main.

Effræti (ALT+145) – Level 90 Draenei Death Knight (Blood)

  • Name Origin: (See Effraeti, above)
  • Status: Shaman-Effy’s other half, and a very important story character to me.  It seemed fitting to have her as my main DK, as this also gives me a second toon people can immediately recognize me with.

LazhewardLevel 90 Draenei Paladin (Protection/Holy)

  • Name Origin: From the name of an Arabic city where Lapis Lazuli was mined.
  • Status: Laz is once more Laz, mostly for story purposes, but also because I have discovered that I am quite particular to male Draenei Paladins.  Laz is Prot, and I love Prot, but I am currently trying to get him together a Holy set, because I freeze up at the thought of tanking LFR’s.  ><  I am in quite a sticky spot, wanting to gear him up, but unsure how to do so.  I love pally tanking, and the thought of switching him 100% to Holy makes me sad, but I cannot bring myself to queue as a tank for LFR’s.  I am such a chicken.  But people are so mean…

LycaohnWorgen Rogue (Subtlety)

  • Name Origin: From the name Lycaon, a Greek king who was turned into a wolf by Zeus.
  • Status: Lycaohn is a story character of mine and sitting at 85.  I really should get him to 90, but the motivation is lacking, especially since my biggest drive to get him to 90 is to open a pile of lockboxes in his backpack.  Not really inspiring.  🙂

Miehiu – Pandaren Shaman (Enhancement)

  • Name Origin: A Chinese name, meaning “beautiful wisdom.”
  • Status: Yah, so back in Cataclysm I had this idea that since pandas were being toted as the ultimate min-max raiding toon, thanks to their silly food buff, that it might be in my best interest to raid as a Pandaren Shaman.  There was no way in hell I was going to race chance Effy – she is and always will be Draenei.  So I made a second Shaman.  Miehiu is now a panda, but she is certainly not max level yet…  Did I mention that I don’t really care for pandas?

Tøggle (ALT+0248) – Gnome Warrior (Protection)

  • Name Origin: Named for a mechanical part, to sound Gnomish.  I think it is a cute name, even though I had to use a funny letter.  🙂
  • Status: Toggle is my beautiful, tiny, pink-haired, pig-tailed Gnome Warrior.  She was created to complement Sir Piotr, but I am determined to actually level her at some point.  It is one of my many goals to learn to Warrior tank.

Æthelwúlf (ALT+146 and ALT+163) – Worgen Warlock (Demonology/Affliction)

  • Name Origin: An Old English name meaning “Noble Wolf.”
  • Status: Lord Eduard Wolfsbane, one of my story characters.  He has finally hit 50, marking him as my highest Warlock ever!  <fanfare>  He is slowly leveling.

Brizaeyl – Night Elf Priest (Discipline)

  • Name Origin: From the Drow language, meaning “graceful life (healer) woman.”
  • Status: Brizaeyl has made some minor story appearances, and in-game she is the keeper of my cloth.  Will she ever see max level?  Probably not.

Kiiræ (ALT+145) – Draenei Mage (Fire/Arcane)

  • Name Origin: From the more common “Kira” and pronounced as such.
  • Status: Kiirae is Ireenia’s mentor of all things draconic, and therefore has a solid place in my toon roster even if she never gets leveled.  She is also one of my bank toons.  (Yes, that is plural.)

Rosælyn (ALT+145) – Human Hunter (Beast Mastery)

  • Name Origin: From the more common “Rosalyn” and pronounced as such.
  • Status: Rosaelyn is there because she holds a piece of my past gaming.  Rosa has always been my avatar in the sense of looking like me – pale and redhaired.  Past incarnations of Rosa were always healers, but for some reason, Hunters are the only animations I really like on human females.  I am a true Huntard, so Rosa sees little action.  :/

Zaeria – Draenei Priest

  • Name Origin: I actually have no good answer to this, because I was trying to come up with a  “Z” name and just kind of pieced this together.
  • Status: This character is here as I play around with the idea of a Draenei Priest, which surprisingly is a character I do not have in my current roster.


Account #1

Aerora – Draenei Paladin (Protection)

  • Name Origin: From the more common “aurora,” meaning “sunrise” in Latin.
  • Status: Half of a tiny pair I am leveling over on Auchindoun… very slowly.  I so soon forget how much quicker BoA’s make leveling.  :/  But they are plugging along.

Fehnrir – Worgen Death Knight (Blood)

  • Name Origin: Named for “Fenrir,” a giant wolf in Norse mythology.
  • Status: Fehnrir will be a bank and farming toon for my Auchindoun gang.  As a story character, he might make a comeback, considering he never made an actual appearance.  But I had some great ideas for him.  The idea of a Worgen Death Knight fascinates me…  My other DK’s are all tragic and emotionally torn, but Fehnrir… he is doubly a dark creature of rage.  He might actually turn out to be more villain than hero.

Account #2

Leilae – Draenei Shaman (Restoration)

  • Name Origin: From the more common “Leila” and pronounced as such.
  • Status: The other half of my tiny leveling pair.  What can I say, I like Draenei and I like Shaman.  Having an alternate Effy on another server rose too many questions for me (I know, I am weird like that) so I made a different Shaman.  What?  I cannot keep coming up with reasons why Effy is in multiple places at once!!


Horde – Account #2

Vaadaree – Troll Hunter (Beast Mastery)

  • Name Origin: From the word “vaadaree” meaning “blue” in Gujarati, a language of India.
  • Status: This is my one real Horde toon (AKA over level 60).  I transferred her to Horde during Cata to run with Horde friends, and now that she is not max level anymore, she is mostly gathering dust.  She has seen some of the Horde starting area in Pandaria and a dungeon or two so far.

So I think what we can take away from this is – yes, I have too many alts, but many are just there to be story characters at the moment.  🙂

In closing, I have been on a serious Trance kick lately, to the fault of Finalflame, for sure.  This particular song is incredible, trance-y, along with the beautiful voice of Moya Brennan.  Enjoy!

~ Effy

Roger Shah Ft. Moya Brennan – Morning Star (Uplifting Dub)

5 thoughts on “What’s in a Name? Part 2

  1. Beautiful names, beautiful stories. Now, if only Blizzard would truly let us, the story tellers, gear and care for all of our alts equally and without so much pain. But alas, some of our narratives have to gather some dust sometimes.

    • Thank you, Matty, creator of one of the most intriguing and Draenei-sounding names I know in Mataoka! I would be curious on the origins of some of your names! Even if they are just random smatterings of letters and syllables! 🙂

      ~ Effy

  2. I’d like to hear more about that red panda. As a totally impartial observer I have to say that it sounded like the BEST PET EVER!

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