TNB Update!


If you missed the live show, check out my interview on the Twisted Nether Blogcast’s most recent show, just posted this morning!

~ Effy


8 thoughts on “TNB Update!

  1. I might be in a Pet Battle with an Aquatic pet type on the 14th, but that won’t satisfy my desire for a Turtle Sunday either!

  2. Yay! I finally got to listen to the WHOLE interview in one sitting this morning. See, those pet battles are addictive! Now I just have to try to get the thought of a turtle sundae out of my head, maybe I’ll think about pizza to get it out.

    In my brief foray into multi-boxing I used Keyclone but I kept losing the second character, usually found her drowning. I should have stayed away from water, lol. I guess I can only be responsible for one character at a time.

    You sound just like I imagined!

    • I still have no turtle sundae! Why oh why did they do that to me?? (Or I suppose I could go and purchase mats for said sundae, but I still have leftover Easter chocolate that I am trying to avoid!)

      Yah, for dual-boxing, the two monitors work great – better even than when I used to dual-box with the desktop on one account and the laptop on the other. Which you would not think to be the case, but it is. Sure, sometimes I forget which character I am moused over and try to cast chain lightning from paladins. And sure, sometimes I make two gchat responses within seconds of each other from two different characters. Luckily, my guildies are a tolerant lot and fairly aware of which toons are mine. 😛 And luckily, I rarely *cough* talk to myself in gchat.

      Really? I actually did not sound AT ALL like I expected myself to sound. lol I usually hate hearing my voice recorded, but perhaps I have (finally?) matured (doubtful). I guess making a career of being the smiling admin and having a pleasant phone voice is finally paying off…

      ~ Effy

    • LOL Oh, Navi. Just about everyone I talked to before the show I mentioned you thinking I have a movie star voice. It still tickles me. Personally, I love your Aussie accent. ❤

      ~ Effy

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