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So today, I had my first in a short term period of counseling sessions.  It will only be 5 sessions after this initial one, because I do not have any insurance.  But it is something and I hope it might help some.  Even if it just helps me motivate myself one more day a week.

My counselor assigned me homework.

I suppose this should annoy me or instill a sense of “OMG, this isn’t school, yo” or some other “WTH??” response.  Nah, I am pretty excited about this actually.  Is it bad that I miss school and homework?  That does sound kind of messed up.

I will not go so far as to say that I miss high school and high school homework.  However, I do miss the few college courses I took, and the homework from those.  Granted, all my classes were drawing/writing/html related.  But that is what college is about right?  Classes that lead toward what you are most interested in.

Honestly, in writing one of my biggest obstacles is where to start.  Usually a story starts with a spark of “something” that seems interesting enough to tell.  Simple enough, yah, but only when I am inspired.  School/homework assignments for writing classes were always my favorite, because they gave me that initial “something.”  There were very few writing assignments that I ever dreaded, even if I am notorious for procrastinating and waiting until the last minute.

I think this is why Blog Azeroth is so dear to me.

(Note: I realize I have been horribly negligent lately and have not yet posted on my own response to my most recent Shared Topic idea.  I blame going back to work, for now, but I must remedy this soon.  In fact, I must reorganize the place in my brain and time for my blog, I feel getting organized professionally has alternately disorganized me personally.  I suppose that is the reason I made the spreadsheet, so even if I do not accomplish everything I plan to, at least I can at least remember where I am throughout the week.  I have noticed I do not take enough “random thought” notes lately.)

Blog Azeroth is my little corner of the world for writing homework.  Sure, lately I have been bad about it, but I think it is more a case of falling out of habit.

Yes, yes, habits and spreadsheets and structure – these are what keep me sane.

So I have counseling homework.  It is just a small reading assignment with some questions and such at the end, but it makes me want to reintroduce more such things back  into my life.



The first thing I thought of was raiding.  I need to find as much information as I can about Mistweaver Monks.  I am having trouble finding resources, all I have found so far are blah and vanilla and more explanations of the skills then how to use them together.

The culmination of this research?  Making myself a better Monk, certainly.  I feel Ireenia is in an okie place, but I feel like there is some small piece I am missing.  Something that would make “okie” into “great” or at least ” really good.”  Something that would make that small difference between playing my Monk and really learning my Monk.  But also, my goal is writing a more comprehensive Monk guide.

Part of what made me a good Resto Shaman was I always read all the most recent Shaman stuff I could.  I liked perusing the several Shaman bloggers I read.  I liked looking at numbers other’s put together (most specifically, especially for numbers, Vixen at Life in Group Five).  I am no good with numbers, just comparing what works for others to what works for me.

I really do not have this with my Monk.  It is something I mean to work on.  Writing about my Resto Shaman, as much as I enjoyed sharing the information, it was also a help to me.  Doing works better for me then reading or listening to someone explain something.  Similarly, writing about something makes me learn even more.  My State of the Raider posts help me.

The first step, I think, is setting aside a specific time.


Next is setting a schedule for my blog again.

For a while, I had a schedule for my blog posts.  Though that does not work very well for short stories – too much chance for writer’s block there – this worked well for me with Shared Topics, transmog posts, State of the Raider, and similar things.  I would like to get back to at least one or two posts that I make weekly.

I want to find myself a good resource to get at one blog post idea per week.  Something that gives me a post idea that I would not usually think of.  I would most like for this resource to remain Blog Azeroth, but there seems more time between topic ideas than I would prefer.  Maybe my post idea does not need to be from the same source every week, but something.

And I need a day to regularly post these.

Tuesdays seem a good day for the random stuff that is going on in my head.  I do not work, there is maintenance in WoW, and every other week, I will have my counseling sessions (which I imagine if nothing else will get me thinking about various things – like today did).


I also need something away from the computer.  I want to get back to my bonsai interests.  On our way home after my counseling appointment, Mom and I stopped at a nursery.  Thursday, I plan to repot some of my indoor plants, and work outside in the garden.  Mom and I picked up a few small plants, and we are going to fill in the front garden and either plant or pot both the dwarf burning bush I picked up and my baby birch, which is about 3 years old now.


Lastly, I think at least one class of some sort is in my near future.  Something with a weekly schedule, and preferably some writing/drawing work involved.  Whether it is something online, something local, or something that means picking up a new class at the community college remains to be seen as of yet.

In Closing

Along with getting myself re-motivated, I have to remember not to overdo it.  I think work, WoW, bonsai, and my blog are enough to get me started.  Beyond that will have to wait until I get myself settled into a schedule again.

But this is my homework for myself.  🙂

~ Effy

P.S. – I was also excited to see that I was linked to a blog post from my Work and WoW piece, and I wanted to share that.

6 thoughts on “Wax Poetic: Homework

  1. Grow one of those plants for me, lol. I love bonsai but I’ve never, ever, been able to keep one alive more than a year so I’ve given up and will leave the growing in more capable hands!

    • There are certain bonsai that are easier to care for than others. My umbrella plant, for instance, is almost fool-proof – I keep it in good draining soil and I basically cannot over or underwater it. Sometimes, it looks droopy and I remember I have neglected it for a while. I only wish I had a more humid place to keep it, because they have the ability to grow some fascinating roots straight down from their branches, but alas, he seems happy enough in his dry, indoor place.

      But I agree sometimes some of us cannot get things to grow (I used to have a black thumb). So, Ancient, I accept. What is your favorite tree? 🙂

      ~ Effy

  2. We all need to take stock of our lives—it slips away far too fast. I often get accused of looking back too much, and perhaps that’s true. But if I don’t check in where I’ve been, the present and future get too muddy. I’m still behind you, Eff!

    • Yah, maybe it is the new job, maybe it is the suddenly nice weather, but I am in a very strange place right now. Even after hours of repotting yesterday, I almost could not bring myself to sit in front of the computer. Then, a really bad pug on my wee hunter sent me fleeing to go watch a movie instead. 😛

      I imagine I just need to get my trees and our front garden situated, and then I will be able to refocus myself. For now, my love for trees has been too strongly rekindled to focus on much else. 🙂

      ~ Effy

    • I agree! I think I may have over-scheduled myself in game, as I am feeling a bit burnt out on heroics and LFR and such. Everything usually goes in stages, though, and I know my interest will bounce back soon.

      ~ Effy

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