Effy Confession Inc

Ain't she pretty? :D

Ain’t she pretty? 😀

For quite some time, my blog has been my sole outlet for my personal thoughts – stories, game thoughts, personal items.

Well, I have a confession.  There is a good reason I have not been writing as much on my blog…

I have been seeing a counselor for a little while now.  I mentioned her before, and how she has been giving me homework.  🙂  My current homework has been to keep a journal in an attempt to both decompress daily and to try and identify some of my self-defeating tendencies.  Other than this weekend, while I was spending the holiday with Gene (Oh, have I mentioned him here??  It was probably in my journal!  Hmm…  >< ) I have been doing good at writing in it daily.

So even though I have had a few little things of interest pop up, most of my writing energy is getting expended there, currently.

My apologies, all.

But today, I finally picked up my Purple Beech!  So I did want to share that!  She is currently about 5 and a half feet tall, but if I train down her highest branches, I think I will be able to keep her at about 3 and half feet or so.  I have decided not to go completely “bonsai” with her.  I think I will just pot train her in a normal shaped pot.

But for the record, she is bigger – and heavier! thanks, rain! – than I expected.  😛

As far in game news goes, I ran Karazhan FOUR times last week.  (Once all the way through, and the other three up to the opera event.)  No Big Bad Wolf… and no Little Bad Wolf.  😦  That is the pet I want more than any other.  (He was my idea, after all!)  😉

I also played around in the new scenarios and out in the Barrens.  Some interesting stuff.  I am liking it.  Just not sure of my energy level in doing it on half a dozen 90’s, though.  heh  My attention is being drawn in numerous directions, currently.

Also, I think I have decided I enjoy soloing on my Monk in Mistweaver more than even on my DK.  O.o  I am trying to keep the awesomeness of fistweaving while solo, in heroics, and in scenarios, on the down low, though…  It is hardly viable for raiding – too mana intensive – but it is great in short bursts.  And if it gets neutered like I imagine Disc-healing just did, I would be pretty sad.  😦

Speaking of my Monk and raiding, I have recently been playing with an all Haste setup, and liking it a lot.  I am slowly working toward getting more Haste pieces, instead of reforging into it.  I am still playing around with it, but I would like to make a more formal post about my Monk’s status soon.

Well, back to my journal, so I do not have to subject you all to the various drivel bouncing around in my head.  😉


A closer look at my Beech :)

A closer look at my Beech 🙂

4 thoughts on “Effy Confession Inc

    • Not yet, but believe me, I am working on it. 🙂 I don’t think it should take too much, as he and I used to play Dark Age of Camelot together.

      ~ Effy

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